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August 21, 20011

View of Mt.Tsurugi from Tsurugizawa Hut (Photo by JN)

(剣岳を剣沢小屋から望む : 撮影 JN)


November 29, 2009

Tinted autumn leaves in the Hogonin garden of Tenryuji Temple in Kyoto (Photo by EN)

(京都嵐山の天龍寺宝厳院の庭園の紅葉 : 撮影 EN)


October 11, 2009

Akebifruits start to hang in the mid-autumn woods in Okayama. (Photo by KT)

(岡山の森にも通草の実が熟れ始める : 撮影 KT)


August 10, 2008

Baby birds are ready for leaving the swallow's nest at a housing complex in Okayama : (Photo by KT)

(巣立ち間近なツバメのひな鳥たち、岡山の団地にて : 撮影 KT)


June 24, 2007

Mt. Komagadake in Akita is filled with blossoming alpine plants; Shiraneaoi (Glaucidium
: (Photo by KAR)

(秋田・駒ヶ岳のシラネアオイ : 撮影 KAR)


April 30, 2006

Beautifully blooming white peony flowers in our Japanese garden (Photo by EN)

(今年は大輪の白牡丹の花がわが家の庭に : 撮影 EN)


December 25, 2005

The early snowfall in December at our Japanese garden in Osaka (Photo by YN)

(わが家の庭に12月の早い積雪 : 撮影 YN)


December 18, 2005

The light show, Kobe Luminarie, to commemorate the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake attracts millions of people. (Photo by EN)

(光の祭典、神戸ルミナリエに集まる人々  : 撮影 EN)


November 13, 2005

View of the autumnal landscape of "Ohara-no-sato" in Kyoto with the blooming cosmos in front (Photo by TF)

(京都・大原の里に見る秋の風情  : 撮影 TF)


October 23, 2005

Volcanic fumes of Nasu-Chausudake coated with the tinted autumn foliage (Photo by YK)

那須・茶臼岳の噴煙と紅葉 : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


August 7, 2005

A magnificent view of Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Dolomite (South-Tyrol), Italy (Photo by YK)

イタリア・ドロミテのトレチーメ岩峰の壮大な眺め : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


May 22, 2005

Alpine roses in full bloom at the iris garden in Takatsuki, Osaka (Photo by EN)

(高槻市花しょうぶ園の満開の石楠花 : 撮影 EN)


May 15, 2005

Flowers of Aka-yashio in full bloom at Futatsuyasan in Fukushima (Photo by YK)

福島県二ツ箭山の満開のアカヤシオ : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


May 8, 2005

Typical Japanese garden in Shugakuin Imperial Villa blended with the borrowed natural landscape (Photo by KT)

(修学院離宮、浴龍池を囲む美しい眺め : 撮影 KT)


April 10, 2005

Walking under the canopy of the cherry in full bloom along the Tamagawa bank, a historic spot for versifiers in Osaka (Photo by EN)

(万葉の里、玉川堤の満開の桜並木を行く。 : 撮影 EN)


February 13, 2005

Once it happens in a year our garden shows thinly snow-covered trees. (Photo by EN)

(年に一、二度はわが家の庭もこんな雪景色に : 撮影 EN)


January 16, 2005

Trees have just dressed in wintry uniforms at the Minowa ski site in Fukushima. (Photo by YK)

(見事に雪を纏った木々、福島県箕輪スキー場 : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


January 3, 2005

Happy New Year!


Magnificent view of Mount Fuji

(今年も宜しくお願いします )


December 5, 2004

In our garden, the maple tree just turned red. (Photo by YE)

(わが家のハゴロモカエデも紅葉 : 撮影 YN)


October 31, 2004

View of Piz. Palu, 3,905m, and its glacier from Diavolezza in Switzerland (Photo by YK)

ディアヴォレッツァから眺めるピッツ・パリュとその氷河 : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


October 24, 2004

A typical autumnal landscape in Japan with the blooming cosmos flowers that dot the field (Photo by TF)

(秋の野原を飾るコスモスの花 : 撮影 TF)


September 26, 2004

The larva of a swallowtail is eating up one of the big taro leaves in our garden. (Photo by YN)

(わが家の里芋の大きな葉を貪欲に食べながら育つ揚羽蝶の幼虫 : 撮影 YN)


August 8, 2004

View of the summer sunset into the Sea of Japan from an open-air bath at the Furofushi hot spring in Aomori (Photo by YK)

青森県の不老ふ死温泉の露天風呂から見る夏の日本海の日没 : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


July 11, 2004

A swallowtail is sucking nectar from the flower of our red sage in the garden. (Photo by YE)

(ランタナの花の蜜を吸うアゲハチョウ : 撮影 YN)


July 4, 2004

The summer sunset near the Dunvegan castle on the Isle of Skye in Scotland (Photo by TF)

(スコットランドスカイ島のダンヴェガン城近くで見る遅い夏の入日 : 撮影 TF)


June 27, 2004

View of the beautiful white castle "Schloss Neuschwanstein" as well as Schloss Hohenschwangau with the town of Fussen in the fresh green of the Bayern landscape (Photo by YK)

新緑のバイエルン地方にノイシュヴァンシュタイン城やフュッセンの町を望む : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


June 13, 2004

The grazing sheep Suffolk on an early summer ranch in Scotland (Photo by TF)

(スコットランドの初夏の牧草地で草を食むサフォーク種の羊たち : 撮影 TF)


April 25, 2004

It's May. White and pink azalea plants bloom on the foreyard of a house in the quiet residential block in Osaka. (Photo by EN)

(五月だ! 公園や住宅の庭先に躑躅が美しい : 撮影 EN)


April 5, 2004

The lovely cherry lane along the old Ibaraki river (Photo by EN)

(旧茨木川沿い緑地公園の桜並木 : 撮影 EN)


March 21, 2004

View of Harimanada of the Seto Inland Sea from the Ayabeyama plum-grove park in western Hyogo (Photo by KA)

(西播磨の綾部山梅林から瀬戸内海を望む : 撮影 KA)


February 22, 2004

Frozen Bishamon-numa, one of the Goshiki-numa's five marshes in Urabandai (Photo by YK)

凍結した毘沙門沼と水鳥、裏磐梯五色沼 : 撮影者 YKさんのサイトへ


February 15, 2004

View of the Sea of Japan in deep winter from the Amarube railroad bridge (Photo by TF)

(山陰線 餘部鉄橋から冬の日本海を望む : 撮影 TF)


January 18, 2004

Summer in New Zealand - Magnificent view of Mt Ngauruhoe with scoria-scree slopes fanning down just like Japan's Mt. Fuji (Photo by YK)

(夏のNZ、富士山そっくりの ナウルホエ山の勇姿 :撮影者YKさんのアルバム集へ


January 12, 2004

Dressed-up talky girls just after the coming-of-age ceremony in Ibaraki, Osaka (Photo by EN)

(成人式を終えて談笑する若者たち、大阪茨木 : 撮影 EN)


January 4, 2004

People are making the year's first visit to the local shrine, Ibaraki Shrine in Osaka (Photo by EN)

(初詣で賑わう大阪茨木神社 : 撮影 EN)



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