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November 30, 2003

The road lines with colored ginkgo trees in Takenodai, Kobe (Photo by KA)

(西神戸住宅街の竹の台公園付近の銀杏並木は黄葉の真っ盛り: 撮影 KA)


November 2, 2003

Trees will be soon put into colors at the Takenodai Park, Kobe (Photo by KA)

(もうすぐ紅葉の森に、神戸市竹の台公園 : 撮影 KA)


October 19, 2003

Autumn is drawing on at the lakeside of Biwako, the Shiga lakefront (Photo by EN)

(秋めく近江の湖畔、琵琶湖志賀の浜に立つ : 撮影 EN)


October 5, 2003

Magnificent view of Kushigamine in autumn colors from Mount Bandai (Photo by YK)

(磐梯山頂から紅葉の櫛ヶ峰を望む :撮影者YKさんのアルバム集へ


September 28, 2003

A D-51 type engine in operation at Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum in Kyoto (Photo by EN)

(梅小路蒸気機関車館でデモ運転中のD51型機関車 : 撮影 EN)


September 14, 2003

Autumn is just here in the Horyuji street along the dobei-fence, mud wall, in Nara. (Photo by TF)

(天平の土塀の里、法隆寺に深まる秋 : 撮影 TF)


September 7, 2003

The Madagascar periwinkle has kept blooming in the garden throughout the summer (Photo by EN)

(夏中を咲き続ける日日草 : 撮影 EN)


August 31, 2003

Bamboo lilies bloom in the garden. (Photo by YN)

(盛夏の庭に咲く笹百合 : 撮影 YN)


August 24, 2003

The locomotive legend Baldwin at the Akazawa forest park (Photo by TF)

(木曽森林鉄道で活躍したボールドウイン蒸気機関車 : 撮影 TF)


August 17, 2003

The pokeweed in the garden loaded with pigeon berries (Photo by YN)

(実ったヤマゴボウは鳩の好物 : 撮影 YN)


August 10, 2003

Magnificent view of the Alpine glacier from Kitzsteinhorn, Austria (Photo by YK)

オーストリアのキッツシュタインホルンからの雄大なアルプス氷河の眺望 : 撮影者 KYさんのサイトへ


August 3, 2003

Returning to the native place, feel there's an eternal abode. (Photo by EN)

(帰省してみれば、懐かしい故郷がそこに : 撮影 EN)


July 27, 2003

Ume-like blossoms, Baikamo, of the waterweed floating in the pellucid Jizo river at Samegai (Photo by MD)

(醒ヶ井の清流に梅花藻を訪ねる : 撮影 MD)


July 20, 2003

The famous buckwheat-noodle restaurant, Kurumaya, open since Edo Period, in Kisofukushima (Photo by TF)

(中山道木曽福島の江戸時代からの蕎麦屋「くるまや」 : 撮影 TF)


July 13, 2003

Parading a decorated float in the town, the summer festival of Ibaraki Shrine goes on. (Photo by EN)

(市中に繰り出す茨木神社例大祭の山車 : 撮影 EN)


July 6, 2003

The thrilling boat trip down the Hozugawa from Kameoka to Arashiyama along the mountainous river (Photo by KT)

(新緑の保津川を下る : 撮影 KT)


June 29, 2003

Oga Lotus, revived from a 2,000-year sleep 52 years ago and bred here and there, just blooming at Hiraike Park, Hyogo (Photo by MD)

(社町平池公園に咲く大賀ハス、古代ハス : 撮影 MD)


June 22, 2003

Pretty little but invasive flowers of Doku-dami, just blooming in the garden (Photo by EN)

(可憐に咲くどくだみの花 : 撮影 EN)


June 15, 2003

Overwhelming sheep population ignores people's traveling directions in New Zealand. (Photo by TF)

(ヒツジの群れがお通り、ニュージーランドにて : 撮影 TF)


June 8, 2003

The early summer forest of cypress trees looking down the iris garden, Takatsuki (Photo by EN)

(高槻花しょうぶ園の初夏の杉林 : 撮影 EN)


June 1, 2003

The dry pond filled with the white pea gravel has now Japanese water irises starting to bloom. (Photo by YN)

(枯れ池に咲き出した花菖蒲 : 撮影 YN)


May 25, 2003

The five-storied pagoda of Kibi-Kokubunji, Okayama, behind the paddy rice field (Photo by KT)

(吉備国分寺の美しい五重塔を映す水田 : 撮影 KT)


May 18, 2003

View of Mt. Rishiri, Rishiri-Fuji, unfortunately totally hidden by clouds, from a ferry approaching the island's fishery harbor, Oshidomari (Photo by MD)

(利尻島の玄関口の鴛泊港と雲に隠れた利尻富士 : 撮影 MD)


May 11, 2003

Sniffing the rose in the spring garden (Photo by TF)

(美しいバラの花の香に満ちる庭先で : 撮影 TF)


May 4, 2003

Metallic monument placed in front of the gate of the rose garden of Wakazono Park in Ibaraki, Osaka - Roses are the municipal flower of the city. (Photo by YN)

(茨木市若園公園のバラ園入口のモニュメント、バラは茨木市の花 : 撮影 YN)


April 27, 2003

People put up carp streamers in the blue heavens to celebrate the Boy's Festival (Photo by EN)

(端午の節句を祝う鯉のぼりが青空にひるがえる : 撮影 EN)


April 20, 2003

View of the Colossal Hall of the Great Buddha from its backyard (Photo by TF)

(東大寺大仏殿の背面を新緑の樹間より見る : 撮影 TF)


April 13, 2003

The lovely cherry lane along the old Ibaraki river (Photo by EN)

(旧茨木川沿い緑地公園の桜並木 : 撮影 EN)


April 6, 2003

Yulan magnolias (lily trees) blossom just prior to cherry trees in Takatsuki. (Photo by YN)

(桜に先立って咲いた白木蓮の花、大阪高槻 : 撮影 YN)


March 30, 2003

Spring is just around at the ukimido of Sagiike in Nara Park. (Photo by HMW)

(奈良公園鷺池の浮見堂にも間もなく春爛漫が : 撮影 HMW)


March 23, 2003

Flowers of winter daphne are blooming and scented. (Photo by EN)

(庭先に香りを満たす沈丁花 : 撮影 EN)


March 16, 2003

Hoisted labarums rooting for wrestlers of Nishonoseki-stable at their lodging place, Ibaraki Betsuin, for the spring grand sumo tournament in Osaka (Photo by EN)

(茨木別院にたつ大相撲春場所の幟 : 撮影 EN)


March 9, 2003

View of the Japanese central alps in early spring from the Okumikawa highland (Photo by TF)

(奥三河高原から眺める早春の中央アルプス: 撮影 TF)


March 2, 2003

Gero Onsen Gassho-mura is a treasured collection of ten gassho-style houses transferred from Shirakawago. (Photo by YN)

(下呂温泉合掌村: 撮影 YN)


February 16, 2003

The snowy forest in Urabandai is inviting skiers. (Photo by Yk)

裏磐梯の山スキーを楽しむ: 撮影者YKさんへのリンク


February 9, 2003

View of the rural snowscape of Hanamaki Onsen Spa in Iwate Prefecture (Photo by YN)

(ホテル千秋閣から眺める花巻温泉郷の雪景色: 撮影 YN)


February 2, 2003

View of the divine beauty of Mount Fuji above the dense virgin forest (Photo by TF)

(樹海上に望む神々しい富士山 : 撮影 TF)


January 26, 2003

Light pink blossoms of Japanese apricot, Ume (Photo by YN)

(紅梅の花: 撮影 YN)


January 19, 2003

Vine-made suspension bridge over the Iya-valley, Tokushima (Photo by YK)

(徳島県祖谷のかずら橋 :撮影者リンク YK)


January 12, 2003

Dressed-up talky girls just after the coming-of-age ceremony in Ibaraki, Osaka (Photo by EN)

(成人式を終えて談笑する若者たち、大阪茨木 : 撮影 EN)

January 5, 2003

Carpet of early rape blossoms against the backdrop of the five-storied pagoda Of Bicchu-Kokubunji,Okayama (Photo by KT)

(備中国分寺の五重塔と早咲きの菜の花畑 : 撮影 KT)


January 1, 2003

Happy New Year!


New Year's decoration of straw rope (Photo by EN)

(今年も宜しくお願いします : 撮影 EN)


December 22, 2002

Beautiful garden with blue herons in Nakatsubanshoen, Marugame, Kagawa (Photo by YK)

(丸亀市の中津万象園に憩うアオサギ : 撮影 YK)


December 15, 2002

Okayama Castle, nicknamed "Ujyo" (Crow Castle), built by Lord Ukita Hideie in 1597 and reconstructed in 1966 (Photo by KT)

(宇喜多秀家の築城による岡山城(烏城): 撮影 KT)


December 8, 2002

Chinese lemons, Yuzu, to be soaked in the bath on the winter solstice (Photo by YN)

(冬至の柚子湯のために・・: 撮影 YN)


December 1, 2002

The street of a residential complex bordered by ginkgo trees with yellow leaves (Photo by EN)

(団地の銀杏並木の黄葉: 撮影 EN)


November 24, 2002

The swollen Rhein with the cathedral and Ferris wheel for a background, Basel, Switzerland (Photo by TF)

(スイスバーゼルの大聖堂と大観覧車、増水のライン河 : 撮影 TF)


November 17, 2002

The 330-year-old Shizutani School, Okayama's national treasure site, stands under forest ablaze with autumn leaves. (Photo by MD)

(紅葉の下、330年前に開校された閑谷学校、備前市 : 撮影 MD)


November 10, 2002

The Shureimon Gate of Shuri Castle in Okinawa (Photo by YN)

(沖縄首里城の守礼門 : 撮影 YN)


October 27, 2002

The autumn zebra-grass field at Tonomine Highland, Hyogo Prefecture (Photo by MD)

(兵庫県砥峰高原の一面のススキ原: 撮影 MD)


October 20, 2002

Mount Adatara, Fukushima, ablaze with autumn leaves (Photo by YK)

(紅葉に染まる安達太良山: 撮影 YK)


October 13, 2002

The purple berries of Komurasaki (callicarpa dichotoma) (Photo by OK)

(コムラサキの紫色の実がたわわに: 撮影 OK)


October 6, 2002

The mutant flowers of Higanbana, lycoris radiata, blooming whitely (Photo by TF)

(突然変異で咲いた白い曼珠沙華: 撮影 TF)


September 29, 2002

The glorious view of Mt. Fuji from Hakone (Photo by OK)

(箱根から見た富士山の景観 : 撮影 OK)


September 22, 2002

The five-storied pagoda of Kibi-Kokubunji, Okayama, behind the rice field now ready for harvest (Photo by KT)

(吉備国分寺の五重塔を背景に収穫前の稲田 : 撮影 KT)


September 15, 2002

Beautiful Himeji Castle in the autumn sunshine (Photo by EN)

(秋の陽を浴びる姫路城の勇姿 : 撮影 EN)



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