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長沢英治 作品集

(2009 - 20XX)

(31-syllabled verses written by Eiji Nagasawa)







(● 2009年 ●)



In returning thanks to my family back home for the apples just arrived, hear over the phone they're having snow


Keynes and Marx are still often quoted in the society, where the number of people dabbling in stocks increases


Criticizing those second-generation politicians on one hand, start writing poems just like my father did on the other hand


Going along the withered walkway, brush against each other with people and dogs who seem to make no question of peace in the world


It's one of my favorite amusements to see how other people behave during my first trip in a long while


Saying our family tombstone doesn't carry yet an epitaph for my deceased wife, the monk puts the leaflet of an engraver right in my hands


It's a girl from the delivery service to stand at the door, with a carton box that smells already of apples from my home


Days are passing for me to live in peace and quiet while no health check-up has been attempted for ten years since retired


Today, all the aged are above themselves gathering at the local clinic to take a mandatory health check-up


Losing my wife, lose the joy of life by half, and still as a welder, somehow suffer sadness to let a day pass


Although many people appear in a dream at nights, most of them are those already left this world


"Take one egg only per day," instructed by the doctor, make my way out from the clinic into the winterly alley


Coming home from shopping at a bargain sale, the old woman talks to a cat sitting in the sun about realities of life


Being without a mobile, get little involved in a so-called repayment swindle and lead an easy life every day


As living apart from my sons and grandsons, if there's a man approaching me matily, better suspect him a fraud


Being one of the solitary old people, to a phone and a seedy-looking visitor, make it a habit to answer shortly at first


Despite the fact being a loyal customer for forty years, today, asked by the bank teller to prove my identity


While feeling regret for the idea "Never trust a stranger," lock firmly the gate of my house tonight again


Keeping my unneighborly lifestyle, have a walk every day, and today, a stray dog appears to follow me


Spending days on end in living solo, today, for the first time in many days, open my mouth in the barber's chair


Isn't it a dreamlike scene, and exciting to see myself speaking the local language at a cafe beyond the seas


At a cafetorium, where the cathedral is viewed way down the street, those pensioners in the land spend the morning safe and sound


While taking a lady receptionist of the hotel out for dinner, hear her blow her nose with such a loud noise


A young blond woman outpaced with big and noisy footsteps, tap-tap, leaving the scent of perfume behind


Write a postcard at a cafe beside the Rhein in early summer, telling about my easy life in this way


For a time, repairing her spirits while battling against cancer, my wife pedals a bicycle along the avenue lined with cherry trees in full blossom


This's the widower's life as a result of the match made in the past; today, he cleans the fallen clusters of Camelia


There's no wife any longer who would force me keeping on the folkways to eat the year's auspicious rolled sushi without a word


Three years have passed in this house without a woman who could arrange flowers in the Mashiko vase for the alcove


After losing my wife, those rooms are left unused and my today's job is to clean them diligently


Each time the prime minister calls today's economic downturn an event of the century, the society becomes cooler


My children and grandchildren are living a life safe and sound without knowing the dirt-poor background in my childhood


Joining at midnight such a number of the railway buff in this land, wait for the last travel of the express train "Fuji"


The figure of the last express train "Fuji" is retreating, leaving the taillight having long illuminated the Showa Period


Having gone over the night of Echizen and Echigo, the train now travels into the land of Dewa in the morning sun


Type D-51, Type 103 and Type Zero, all were those railroad vehicles friendly to me in the Showa Era


Having carried billions of commuters for decades in Japan, the train, Type 103, still works in the land of Djakarta


It's only me who takes a promenade alone among those enjoying walking under the canopy of the cherry blossoms


It's nice to walk along the cherry lane where a flock of the bulbul sings while pecking and scattering the flowers


Through the canopy of the blooming cherry blossoms, could get a glimpse of the sky, the really blue heaven


It's a thoughtless oversight for a widower to have spent days without noticing the cherry tree next door in full bloom


Our familiar cherry tree is known to be old, but since when its volume of fallen petals has become smaller?


At some time or other, starting from the prime minister, all those guys making the world go round have become younger than me


The old man hates to use the word, patriotism, as it reminds him of those days it was used to whip up war sentiment


Being a Self-Defence official, you'll have no choice but to insist on "patriotism" with such a hard-line attitude


You should be prepared for death in action, as you're insisting on military expansion under the veil of "deterrence"


Shovel the ground in the garden with open hostility towards the unruly summerly overgrowth of Doku-dami


While leading a long life, the memory is still fresh of those days having survived as one of the starving child evacuees


Still rooting alone for the team always with lackluster performances, live a narrow-minded life as a retiree


Learning the fact my wife had never failed to place flowers at the family altar, pick two twigs of the hydrangea for this morning


Flowers of hydrangea bloom in the garden that has lost my wife for three years still look praying for rain


Although finishing almost ninety percent my expected life in the society, still go to the rest room this morning for a stool test


This year again, take a chest X-ray that still shows the old calcification in my younger days


Getting tired of talking about Plato at a cafe, the young lads are looking at the nocturnal Shibuya Station


While waiting for you on the platform of Uguisudani, have sent off already several trains traveling to the north


The Ichinoseki Station is now at dusk, where a branch line extends into a fog heading for the town you were born


As the next Trans-Europe Express has arrived, another language unknown to me is talked at the Basel Station


With a feeling that a hippie occupied my body, sleep on a bench at the Bern Station waiting for the early bird next morning


The flying sparks from a welding operation remind me of the drop scene of the old film "Anna Karenina"


What does it imply? There are lilies blooming all over in the garden, while it's Hiroshima Memorial Day today


At a great distance from their mothers and fathers, the child evacuees walk in a row along the mountain path with blooming black lilies


Without singing an army song anymore, the child evacuees are coming through the mountain trail with blooming bush lilies


Having no more arriving train today, the lighting of the ghost station poorly illuminates those nearby bamboo lilies


As the electrified section has extended to this station, those bamboo lilies now bloom within reach of civilization


During those ten thousand steps in my daily walking, try to solve a math problem in my head today


It looks every voter has already someone in mind, the constant sound of their driving a pen comes from the polling booths


Leaving behind the polling station unusually bristled with voters, feel a breath of fresh autumn air


A polltaker ambushes at the exit for me as if he knew already my answer, whose name had been on my ballot


Excitement of going to the polls has settled down and the daily routines on Sunday come back to me


Getting satisfaction from my ballot that worked well, hear many autumn insects sing around my house all the night through


Beat those ruling party candidates at all points! Listen to the running returns on the radio till all hours of the night


Suffering a crucial setback, the leaders of the ruling parties still talk arrogantly with a wise look

(● 2010年 ●)


Feeling his critical eyes as much as to say my harping on the same string, immediately stop talking and make tea for him


Every morning, read the editorials of major papers on the Internet, while the society has nothing more to do with me


While the outer world is still excited by the change of power, the tree doctor starts today's work to pollard the pine


Asked the rights and wrongs Hiroshima's willingness hosting 2020 Olympics, answer with a definite yes, having not that much time though


Still having a strong jaw and healthy teeth, eat out two pieces of in-season saury bones and all tonight


The skyscraper, a huge barrel having holes in its bottom, now leaks homecoming people in all directions


As long as life would last, make such a little appointment and get to the old station after a long interval


As if there were the pre-arranged spot for two of us down the road, tell my dying wife to wait for me


With his promise "by the time thirty years old" broken long ago, my son floats his bachelor's body in the swim pool


My son, it's my unwanted favor that you would make up your mind to look after your father growing old


Campaign pledges, they're ones to be broken so easily by politicians repeatedly insisting on national interests


With loneliness bubbling in my heart, ramble about the illuminated streets in December, mixed with people being in a bustle


Living alone in a large house, the solitary recluse wears a lot of clothes with eager anticipation for spring


What kind of jobs should be done today? With that question, doze in bed while my four limbs are still unawakened


Welcoming the kapok tree into the warm den, from today on, we'll stay here beside each other life until next spring


Receive "Body Shampoo" again as seasonal gift, which increases its number on the shelf as they don't fit to the elderly like me


While with a smile, my grandson takes New Year's handsel, confirm there'll be the future for sure in my blood


Some years back, on New Year Day, this room was filled with a certain happiness with my wife amusing her grandchildren


Rice cake, orange, grandchildren and my wife, all were here at home, now pernoctate alone warming myself in a kotatsu


Although it's forbidden to make even a small wood fire in the community, today, smell the smoke of the ritual bonfire at a nearby shrine


Now the new business year starts with commuters' footsteps in the morning, while the economic downturn deepens further in the society


Having one of his bootlaces broken, the scion of Oda Nobunaga now deplores his misfortune in the lower world


As water for the altar is not so cold this morning, think of the garden of our family temple back home starting slowly to be grassed


Having their lucky numbers confirmed, the new year cards are no longer in use, being set aside as the bundle of protracted ties


Count out number of those names of my old colleagues having been out of touch since my retirement from the workplace


As if it was dumping the stress on the streets, the autobike now runs further noisily into the university avenue


Being asked on the bridge how to go to the memorial, look hard at the setting sun shining on the surface of the river


Standing at the top of the footbridge, get a distant view of an aluminum train just cutting across the setting sun


Trying to take the picture of Type-500 bullet train on its final duty, square up on the greenly grassed bank beside the track


As the bus turns off its engine waiting for a signal, quietness visits us for looking up the blue sky


Wake alone in the room which was once filled with breaths of different kinds taken by those sleeping members of my family


Shaking an envelope containing the seed of aster at my ear, think of those days back home with my father and mother


Without having any opportunity in his active life to use respect language such as "sir", the engineer retires quietly today


It's time to remember the lost love in the early years of my life, as the fourth spring has come since my wife's death


People can't accuse me, now a widower, of remembering occasionally those ex-lovers in long-ago days, of remote antiquity


As you left me alone in this world, you couldn't reprehend my conduct looking in at such fascinating illuminations


Still, there should be one who meets with me in this world, feel good standing under the falling of cherry blossoms


Coming into the town with spring breeze, feel happy there's still somebody who somehow attracts me in this world


Having retired, live out my days with such walkies to repeat those fifty poems from memory of Basho's anthology


There was such a day; we talked about Sartre all through the night in your room, drinking shochu savoring a lemon


Getting it through my head that we're really flying, stare down into the ice field far below being told the north pole is about here


Persuading myself living for a while in this land, leave the apartment this morning performing as one of the local commuters


Being mixed with the local commuters going at a good clip on the Rhein bridge, start this morning going to the office


Already given an office desk, start working here using occasionally the local language


A coffee break goes on at the office, colleagues are chitchatting in the local language, joined by me only with a smile


At sundown in summer, feel the exhaled air for sure around my neck, must have now given Death a piggyback


Sweeping together a bulk of the early summer fallen leaves, appreciate their past contribution made to our garden


Where from it came, a flower petal hit me on the cheek, while walking under the canopy of cherry trees dressed completely in new leaves


Those trees lining the street are now all with young and green leaves shining already in the sun after a rain


The man says he wishes a high-quality conservatism here, with his cheeks reflecting the shining green leaves in the sun


One of the hottest days today in high summer, an ant crawls across the noontime garden rock while all cicadas have stopped singing


Having finally holes in my rain boots, the leakage reminds me of those days staying as a child evacuee in the countryside


The holy float has now been pulled out from the shrine's carriage house into the open air still in the monsoon


Put my seal on the circular letter telling the death of a person unknown to me in the community


Inside my body, there's another guy criticizing me on the late-night train too coolly air-conditioned


My eyes to judge a person have become a little bit tolerant, the beer tastes good on a summer evening


An old man says you shouldn't make war against anybody, but he also says "Don't forget to be prepared for it"


When those foods go down, they taste like Showa, today again, take away a bunch of bananas and eggs sold at a popular price


Considering the wartime being in times long past, hear shamefacedly the report of my high cholesterol count


Each and every fellow here attending a get-together crow about problems with their hearts and prostates


Coming to time for the gathering to profile my personality, the next round of jugs of beer have arrived for another subject


As strongly recommended, bought finally a digital TV set which, however, shows clearly those undesirable affairs in the society

  驟雨一過この涼しさの身にしめば酷暑の夏をはや惜しみをり (新アララギ)

As the cold suddenly pierces me to the bone after a passing shower, already start missing the waygoing hot season

   わが背後あゆむ少女ら笑ひ合ふどこやらに付けまつげ忘ると (新アララギ)

Girls walking just behind me laughingly talk about the false eyelashes one of them has left in a powder room somewhere

  小銭入れのみ持つ日々の歩みなりマネキンはけふ冬の装ひ (新アララギ)

The everyday walk only with a coin purse in my pocket, hits today all mannequins seemingly to have changed into the winter clothing

  老いるとはかかることにやわが脱ぎし靴下いまやにほひ放たず (新アララギ)

Is this the way people grow old? My stockings just pulled off don't smell these days

  孤独死の記事を見しけふこの身なほ世にさらさむとかかる外出 (新アララギ)

Reading the story of an unattended death this morning, go out this-a-way in the afternoon to expose myself to the public

  ぴつたりとしばし寄り添ひルミナリエ出づればいつもの距離の二人に (高槻歌会)

Snuggling up to my wife, went through the Kobe Luminarie: However,on leaving that site, here's an usual distance between us

(● 2011年 ●)

  子供部屋もつは夢とて育ちしにかかる屋敷の老いの独り居 (新アララギ)

While brought up as a child dreaming its private room, now live in solitude in a house too big for an old man

   独り居のもの言はぬ日々あゆみゐて道問はるればかく饒舌に (新アララギ)

Living in solitude, spend days without vocalizing, so become talkative this way when someone asks me for directions

  めぐり来し掃除当番この町に住むしがらみに身をさらしをり (新アララギ)

Being my turn for the sweeping in the block, expose myself to the public following the regs as long as my live would last there

  何もかも面倒くさくなる日々のいつかは来むと皿あらひをり (新アララギ)

Clean up the dishes thinking of such a day in future for me to feel tired of the whole business

  亡き妻の実家よりなほも新米の届けば炊きて夕べそなふる (新アララギ)

The home of my late wife still delivers the rice of new crop, cook it this evening and offer a bowl on the family altar

   大吉のみくじをかざし寄り来しにその年妻はひとり逝きたり (高槻歌会)

Though she'd come close to me with an oracle slip telling the excellent luck, my wife passed away that year leaving me alone

   指先に銅貨の匂ひけふひと日ポケットの銭あたためゐしや (新アララギ)

Smell of copper coins on my fingertips! They must have been warmed and riffled in the pocket all day long

  久しくも出さざりしわが大き声みづからおぢてかくぞ咳き込む (新アララギ)

My voice being lifted for the first time after a long while, it's scared myself and caused a coughing fit this way

  路上にはもの売らむとて声あまた吾に等しき老いも交じれり (新アララギ)

Many sidewalk venders are giving the sales talk to passers-by, and among them, there's an old man of almost my age

  届きしは無心の手紙なほときをかけむと秋明菊に目をやる (新アララギ)

Receiving a begging letter, take time to think how to react well to it, looking at the blossoming chrysanthemum in the garden

  わがかたへゆく電動の車いす日傘立てゐてジャズを流せり (新アララギ)

A motorized wheelchair is getting past me, with a parasol put on it and jazz music being loudly spilled

  遠目にも新妻らしきが窓ふけり枯野の隔つ小さき建売 (NHK短歌)

Even looking at her in the distance, she seems to be newly married cleaning the windows of a matchbox beyond the wintry field

  円居する縄文びとに交じりたるごとく遺構の冬日あびをり (高槻歌会)

As if to join those ancient people sitting in a circle and chatting happily, stay at the remains in the wintry sun

  久しくも手に取らざりし「沈黙」に不採用通知の挟まれゐたり (新アララギ)

Opening the old book, SILENCE, in my hand after a long interval, have found a notification of rejection being still put there

   何かかにか働き口はあらむとて研究室に囲碁を打ちゐき (新アララギ)

Something will work out! Taking a long view for my job hunting, kept playing go in the lab at the university

  転職の誘ひいささかありし日々わが人生のピークなりしか (新アララギ)

It must have been the climax of my active life when some headhunters were offering me an attractive post

  年収が五割増すとの転職の誘ひに笑みて乗らざりし吾 (新アララギ)

To the headhunter's offer on fifty percent increase in my annual earnings, didn't buy the story with a smile

  届きたる年金記録にかくぞ見るわが遍歴の簡素なりしを (新アララギ)

Having the my pension qualification report just in my hand, confirm how simple my journey through life is

  新卒のあまたの職につけぬ世の街角になほかかる賑はひ (新アララギ)

While so many new college graduates couldn't find their jobs today, there's still such a lively town in this country

  いささかのいさかひありし一つ家に紅茶の香る春の夕ざれ (高槻歌会)

Although some small set-to took place in the house, there's now an aroma of tea along toward a spring evening

  春風はなほも冷たしポケットのなきセーターの腕組みをする (NHK文芸選評)

Spring breeze! It still makes me feel chilly and fold my arms wearing a sweater having no pockets to warm my hands

  郵便も電話も減りてこれならば世に惜しまるることなく逝けさう (新アララギ)

No mail and not a phone call these days, now it looks easier for me to pass away without being missed in the society

   孤独死とはかかるものにや門灯は点りテレビの鳴りつぐままに (新アララギ)

Is this what we call dying solitary death? The door light shines in the daytime and the TV has been left on

  吊革を持たず電車にしばらくは七十五歳を誇るがに立つ (新アララギ)

Without hanging on to a strap on the train, keep standing for a while as if to show how much a 75-year-old man could do

  会合を三つこなして久しくもたかぶりし身を湯に沈めゐる (新アララギ)

Getting through three meetings in a day, keep bathing my rarely excited body in the bathtub

  無愛想に応ふるがならひされどこの電話はわれの入選を告ぐ (新アララギ)

It's my pattern these days answering roughly to a phone call, but, be careful, this's telling good news my winning a prize

  食パンはこの味が好いこだはりのかく些細なる日々を生きをり (高槻歌会)

"This bread is deliciously flavored!" Still spend my days without abandoning such a trivial inclination

  誰彼に祝はるることなきままに古希は過ぎたりなほつつがなし (新アララギ)

My ritual seventieth birthday has passed some time ago without being celebrated by anybody and my life still goes on healthily

   詠み捨つるあまたわが歌つまれゐるノート五冊に届く冬の日 (新アララギ)

Many many poems written and junked are there in those five notebooks piled on the bookshelf where the winter sun has reached

  カポックをわが傍らにパソコンの確定申告に時をかけゐる (新アララギ)

With a potted kapok tree beside me in the room, chuck myself away on filing the final tax return on the Internet

  配偶者控除を受けぬ独り身となり五年目の納税の春 (新アララギ)

IT's the fifth taxpayer's spring since my wife left me alone canceling the privilege of a spouse tax credit

  老いてなほいささかの税払ひ終へ胸いつぱいに春を吸ひ込む (新アララギ)

Being enough old but having still paid some amount of tax, take a lungful breath in the spring air

  いつときをただぼんやりと見つめをり働くために生きゐる蟻を (NHK短歌)

For a while, gaze absentmindedly at those ants; they must go on with their lives only to work hard

   いくばくの納税すませ葉桜の小径をけふは選びもどり来 (NHK文芸選評)

Having paid some amount of tax at the revenue office, choose the leafy cherry lane today to make my way home

  父母いまや世にあらざれば夭折の兄の忌日をわが祀るけふ (新アララギ)

Without my father and mother in the land of the living, today, the anniversary of my brother died young is commemorated by me alone

   四日たち五日たちてもつながらぬ電話なほ手に汗ばみてをり (新アララギ)

Now for four or five days after the earthquake, couldn't get through and feel sweaty still grasping the phone firmly

  ゆかりいまや薄まるもなほ亡き妻の生家に近き大なゐを憂ふ (新アララギ)

Although getting gradually shut of my deceased wife's home, worry about the big earthquake hitting near the area

  叔母すでに亡くもその地の原発に事故のありしを聞けばせつなし (新アララギ)

It's an agonizing event that the accident of a nuclear power station took place in the town where my deceased aunt had once lived

  素粒子論まなびし身なり原発の仕組みを人に語るもむなし (新アララギ)

Having studied the theory of elementary particles, explain how a nuclear power plant works, leaving a sense of futility

   やがてみな寿命の果つるものと居り電球が切れ今朝はテレビも (新アララギ)

Live together with all those having a given life; the bulb was burned out and even the TV has gone wrong this morning

  けだものの咆哮をふと真似るときあやしきちから身に湧き出づる (新アララギ)

Happened to do an imitation of the roaring tiger and now feel my body having been powered strangely

  目も耳もかく衰へて後の世にいかに尋ねむ逢ふべきひとを (新アララギ)

With my falling acouo and eyesight in this way, how it's possible to find out my partner to meet in the afterworld?

  誰ひとり茶飲み話の相手なき吾と知りつつ駄菓子また買ふ (新アララギ)

Knowing there's nobody around back home to have a chat over tea, still buy snacks at the papa-mama shop

  福島がフクシマと書かれおぞましき原発事故の語りつがれむ (新アララギ)

FUKUSHIMA, written in this way, will be remembered forever as the nuclear power plant that caused a severe accident

  ホームランつひに逆転くもる顔かがやく顔を左右に分けて (NHK短歌)

Here comes a go-ahead homer at last, and a division between beaming faces on the right and gloomy countenances on the left

  わが肩に首をあづけて眠りをりその髪になほ残る潮の香 (高槻歌会)

On the train home, she sleeps putting her head on my shoulder, and her hair still wears a salty scent

  子らもはやちちははと手はつながざり野に遊びゐてわかつ草餅 (新アララギ)

While our kids have already stopped walking hand in hand with their parents, we're out together here in the fields for sharing the lunch

   ぢぢばばとなりてふたたぴ手をつなぎをさなと歩む日々の巡り来 (新アララギ)

Becoming the grandparents, we're having another opportunities to walk hand in hand with little kids

  存在が空気のやうになりしわれらいさかひもなく一つ家に住む (新アララギ)

As both of us became an existence something like the air, they live in a house without having a quarrel

  視力いまやおとろふるこの独り身の手をとり歩みくるるは誰ぞ (新アララギ)

Being a widower whose eyesight is gradually falling down, then, who would lead me by the hand in the future?

  はらわたに巣くふは癌かポリープかトーチをかざし進むファイバー (高槻歌会)

Is it a polyp or a bad apple that lives secretly there? The endoscope marches on with a torch deep into my bowel

  絵をめぐる人らの醸す静寂にならへばわれも文化人らし (新アララギ)

People move quietly from a painting to another, being overwhelmed by the atmosphere, it's me who calls himself a culturati

   終楽章きまりすかさず拍手する者に遅るるわれの恥ぢらひ (新アララギ)

As soon as the finale ends, there's a guy to initiate applauding the performance, leaving me a sense of shame to trail in joining

  西洋のマナー学びし身を誇るごとく扉を妻に開けやる (新アララギ)

Proudly pull the door open for my wife's way, as if to show how much I has learned culture of the West

  改札に向かふわが目にはや入るは傘もつ妻の影とやすらぎ (新アララギ)

Approaching the ticket gate, already recognize my wife waiting there with two umbrellas, with a certain sense of security

  妻はなし借金もなしどくだみのはびこる庭に詮なく立てり (新アララギ)

With no wife and no debts, stand purposelessly in the garden where the dokudami grass grows like topstitch

  職引きしよりのとしつき大いなる日々の行事となりし朝食 (新アララギ)

As the months move on after my retirement, it's become the grand daily affair for me to take breakfast

  遠のくは被爆の記憶いまや音も閃光もなきあらたな被曝 (新アララギ)

While memories of the atomic bombs are getting away, another radiation exposure takes place without any explosive sound and flare

   こども手当をばらまきといま詰るやから原発マネーを配り来しもの (新アララギ)

Those criticizing the child allowance as a foolish handout scheme are guys who've distributed money on building nuclear power plants

  しづかなる日々送る身に届きたる要再検の文字にうろたふ (新アララギ)

Lose countenance finding out "recheck required" in the health report just arrived at me spending quiet days

  やがて我も癌を患ひ世を去るか酷暑の夏もあといくたびぞ (新アララギ)

Getting cancer, will die sooner or later, and how many times will this scorching summer come around before it happens

  もはや死を恐るるこころ持たざるになほわづらはしその通過点 (新アララギ)

Though having no fear of death myself any longer, won't think of such a troublesome passing point

   はらわたに癌らしきもの巣くふとの医師の言葉にはやうろたふる (新アララギ)

His comment has immediately put me out of countenance; the doctor says my colon might have got cancer

  かつて妻のただならぬ癌を告げくれし医師が今わが病状を言ふ (新アララギ)

The same doctor, who once told me my wife had got malignant cancer, now explains about my own possible case

  透明の水のみくだりはらわたのすすぎも終へて纏ふ検査着 (新アララギ)

Having my bowel completely washed, now excreting only clear water, throw on my examination garment

  はらわたの探検終へしファイバーがゆるゆる退けり光を残し (新アララギ)

Leaving light there, the endoscope is slowly pulling out as it has completed its duty to hunt for cancer in my colon

  検査合格のわが腸にまづ贈らむとさうめん一束ひとり茹でゐる (新アララギ)

Told that it's not got cancer, cook a noodle dish alone to present the first food to the empty bowel

  年齢は六十九歳までですと市場調査の電話は切らる (NHK文芸選評)

The pulse-taker hangs up on me saying "Sorry, being older than sixty-nine, you're not my guest."

  ベルト掴めとのアナウンス従順な老いとなりゐる動く歩道に (NHK文芸選評)

"Grab on to the handhold!" Being instructed this way on the travelator, find myself becoming a submissive old man

   かつてわが打ちしひとつか眼の内をかく執拗に蚊が飛び回る (NHK短歌)

It must be the one that I've once smashed some time ago, a mosquito flies thus insistently inside of my eyeball

  脳味噌によかれと日々を三百の名歌そらんじつつ歩みをり (新アララギ)

To help my brain smarten, make it a habit to recite by rote three hundred popular poems during my daily walkies

  円周率十万桁を諳んずるものありと聞く秋の夜長に (新アララギ)

In the lengthening nights of autumn, hear the story there's someone who recites the circular constant up to one hundred thousand digits

  使はれぬままの脳味噌あまた身に萩の花咲く道にたたずむ (新アララギ)

Carrying a large number of unused brain cells with me, stand around in a footpath where the lespedeza blooms

  すこやかな脳たもちたしこころして鯵も秋刀魚も頭から食ふ (新アララギ)

In order to keep my brain healthy, intentionally chew up and eat those heads of scad and saury

 四歳の脳に早くもわが知らぬ鉄道車両の名の宿りをり (新アララギ)

To my surprise, this four-year-old boy has already in its brain the name of an express train that's not yet known to me

   わがこころ見透かす馬の目を見ればふつと明日が怖くなくなる (NHK短歌)

Gazing fixedly at the horse's eyes that could read my mind, get suddenly rid of tomorrow having stirred up unrest

  それぞれの小さき犬つれ三人の立話けふは声をひそめて (高槻歌会)

Each leading a small dog, those three join together and stand chatting as usual, but today in a subdued tone

(● 2012年 ●)

   身に近き死と言へるもの時に思ふいまや頼みの逃げ場所として (新アララギ)

Think of my death which comes not in the distant future, that acts now as the only hideaway for me

  生き恥を曝すにしてもみじかかる余命ぞけふは秋刀魚焼きをり (新アララギ)

Thinking of my life being not long anyway, though it brings occasional disgrace on myself, grill a saury today

  若きらははや年金を憂ひをり靴音たかく朝を行きゐて (新アララギ)

Already worrying about their pension benefits in the distant future, young people tramp to commute in the morning

  はからずもわが為す炊ぎ五年目となれば野菜の高値をも言ふ (新アララギ)

Unexpectedly, started cooking my own food five years ago, and now even express concern about the rising vegetable prices

  もはや夜の街に遊ばぬ身となりてその節電の暗さ聞くのみ (新アララギ)

Visiting the nighttown not any longer, only hear about the somber scene there caused by the power shortage

   タイムマシンとはかかるものにや夢に来る友みな若く吾を囲めり (高槻歌会)

If it exists, the time machine would be like this; there's myself in a dream among my friends who are all still young

   立冬の後なるわれのバースデー手触りぬくき帽子の届く (新アララギ)

It's my birthday today just after the coming of winter, a gift has been delivered, a hat warm to the touch

  除外例なき死と詠む歌を諳んずる小春のけふのわが歩みなり (新アララギ)

My walk today, in a warm autumn day, to recite the poem reading "Death will visit everyone without exception"

  落葉あまた詰め込む大き袋もつ男やもめの今朝のごみ出し (新アララギ)

Carrying a big plastic bag full of dead leaves, the widower is heading for the garbage spot on the corner

  神仏を信ずることのできぬままいま死に近く落葉掃きをり (新アララギ)

Rake up fallen leaves being now near my end, having been unable to believe in gods and Buddha

  書き入るる予定なきまま新しき年の手帳をはや携ふる (新アララギ)

Although having no appointments to be written down in it, already start carrying the pocket notebook for the new year

   ひと世代めぐりこの家にをさなまた百人一首を諳んずる春が (高槻歌会)

As another generation goes on in the family, spring comes for the little kid to start reciting one hundred famous poems

  寒椿ひたすら白く暮れのこり路地に今宵のカレー香れり  (NHK文芸選評)

With the wintry japonica glistening white in the afterglow, there's a whiff of curry in the homeward alley

   新年の誓ひ言ひ合ふ若きらに交じるも身にはその思ひなし (新アララギ)

Among those youngsters talking about their New Year's resolutions find there's nothing my own in my mind,

 またけふも昔を言ひぬ世の常の老いとなりゐる吾と知りつつ  (新アララギ)

Today, talk of the past again, admitting myself joining those typical old-timers prevailing in the world

  あたたかき冬日あびゐて心根のよき老人になれさうな気に (新アララギ)

Sitting abask in the wintry sun, feel myself possible to become one of the good-hearted old people

  半世紀前のおのれを語るとき背筋は伸びる頬は火照りぬ  (新アララギ)

Whenever talking about myself half a century ago, sit naturally up with my back straight and my face flushing

  老いわれを現役世代が支ふるとくどくど言へりけふもラジオが  (新アララギ)

Today again, the radio repeats the fact that we old folk are supported financially by those active juniors

   待たさるる苛立ちありき婦人服売場の奥にあの試着室  (高槻歌会)

There's still that dressing room in the ladies' department where I was impatiently waiting for her decision

  「寒いねえ」応ふるひとのあらざるに語り合ふごとなほ独りごつ  (新アララギ)

"It's cold today, isn't it?" Having no one answering me, continue talking as if to hold a conversation with someone

 吹き零るる寸前にガス止めむとて構へて待てり元技術屋が (新アララギ)

Being a retired engineer, stand at the ready to turn the gas off just before the milk would boil over

  待つひとのなき家の門扉そそくさと人目はばかるさまに押し入る  (新アララギ)

As if to avoid attention, give a push in haste to the door of my house, where nobody awaits my return any longer

  かくばかり春を待ちをりわが部屋のカポックもさに思ひてあらむ  (新アララギ)

Being on tiptoe myself with anticipation for spring, guess the potted kapok beside me would have the same idea

  苦情いふは吾にあらざり言ひたきを言ひくれし人いまは世になし  (新アララギ)

It was not myself to lift up my voice in public, the person who did it in my stead has been no longer in life

  スポーツ紙買はむと駅に来ればいまわが日々乗りし朝の電車が  (高槻歌会)

At the moment coming in the station to buy a sport paper, the morning train I used to take just pulls in

  ただひとり学級閉鎖の子を残し靴音たかく母は職場へ    (NHK短歌)

Leaving her kid alone at home, facing a class closure, the mother heads for her workplace with clip-clop footsteps

  満開の花の下なるわが歩み何ゆゑ死者の顔うかびくる    (NHK文芸選評)

While walking under the cherry blossom at peak, wonder why those departed faces are coming to my mind

  心地よき山手線のシートぬくかりき苦学生われは一回りせし   (新アララギ)

Being a struggling student, did my rounds on the Yamanote loop train enjoying the comfortably heated seat

  身構へて始発電車のドア開くを待ちきぬくとき座席を得むと  (新アララギ)

Waiting for the doors to open, used to hold myself ready to get a comfortably heated seat on the first train

 うす暗き駅舎に立ちてやはり思ふ原発は世に要らざるものと  (新アララギ)

Waiting at the station in poor light, still think it reasonable to stop keeping nuclear power plants here

  五十年後の人口減をたしかめよこの家の孫と松の木に言ふ  (新アララギ)

Tell it to my little grandson and the pine tree in the garden that they should confirm a depopulated society fifty years later

  満ち足りし日々とも無為を重ねゐる日々とも熱き番茶また飲む  (新アララギ)

Drink another cup of hot tea wondering whether my present life is affluent or accumulating unproductive days

  突然の風雨に傘のつぶされて天に恨みをいだく他なし   (高槻歌会)

With my umbrella now heavily destroyed by the sudden storm, cannot but have a grudge against Heaven

  早朝の電話のベルにはや思ふゆかりの誰かまた逝きしかと    (新アララギ)

The telephone starts tinging early in the morning; already think of another death among my relatives

  あいつまだ生きてゐたのか死の報に呟くわれををさな見上ぐる   (新アララギ)

Our little kid gazes at me murmuring with a letter in my hand "I didn't know that guy had been still living"

 わだかまりかく消えたればもはや世に敵を持たざるつまらなき身に  (新アララギ)

As the incompatibility fades away finally, I'll have no enemy at all in this world and live a meaningless life

  百九歳にして盲腸手術を受けし嫗わが地に住めり心強かり   (新アララギ)

The story, a 109-year-old woman had her appendix out, inspires me particularly because she lives near here reportedly

  集ひゐるは部下もちしものら自己主張なほぎらぎらとぶつかり合へり   (新アララギ)

Old folks gathering here, all had their subordinates in the past are still assertive and crossing swords with each other

  斎場に近きこの駅とぶらひの身形の人らけふも集へり   (新アララギ)

As the public funeral hall is near this station, today also, people in a mourning dress get together here

 人の死のその歳を聞きなほ若く逝きたる妻のまづは思はる  (新アララギ)

Learning the age a woman just died at, feel still sorry for my wife having done at an earlier age

  身に近きイベントとなりけふもまた葬の知らせはただ聞き流す   (新アララギ)

As it becomes no more a third-party event, intentionally ignore the invitation to a memorial service

  斎場も墓地も完備と色刷りのちらしに有料老人ホーム   (新アララギ)

A pay nursing home is here on the colored flyer saying its owning a funeral hall and associated graveyards

  隣り家の花見のうたげこの年は赤子の声の交じれるを聞く (新アララギ)

A cherry-viewing party goes on next door as usual, the wails of a newborn baby catches my ear this year

  一斉に事務服の娘ら席を立ち茶房にわれも居座りがたし    (NHK文芸選評)

As those girls in an office wear are getting up and walking away all at once, feel like being frozen out in the teahouse

  スクワツト続けゐる身にそんなにも生きたいのかと亡き妻の声  (新アララギ)

While doing squats regularly, hear the voice of my deceased wife "Why do you want to live further?"

 ととのはぬ視野の真中にふと出でし自転車に身を交はす一瞬  (新アララギ)

As a bike suddenly appeared in the center of my incomplete field of view, there was only one moment to make a dodge

  どこやらの雨に濡れしか回覧板さびしき老いの死を告ぐるもの   (新アララギ)

The bulletin just arrived looks to have bot wet somewhere with rain, and it tells the death of an old lonely neighbor

  三台のパソコンけふは傍らに俄分限のさまにたかぶる   (新アララギ)

Today, three PC machines are running in my den, exciting me to triumph like one of vulgar riches

  若きらと言葉を交はす土曜日のサークル目指すはつ夏の道 (新アララギ)

In the early summer street, head for a regular Saturday meeting where only an opportunity exists for me to talk with the youth

  花舗あらば花に目をやり玻璃あらば己を覗く愛すべき連れ    (高槻歌会)

Each time passing by a flower shop, she is trapped, and by a paned window, she looks into herself, my lovable partner!

  五十メートルプールを泳ぎきつていま人生もう一度なんて御免だ   (NHK短歌)

Having hardly swam across the 50-meter pool, don't feel like trying to live my life again from the beginning

  ひとり鬚を抜きゐるわれを折々に見やるも妻は物言はざりき   (新アララギ)

Glancing, from time to time, at me trifling alone with my chin whiskers, my wife doesn't say anything at all

 身に近き悩みの稀となりたるや悩む気力のわれに失せしや  (新アララギ)

Around me, there are fewer problems today to worry about, or my motivation to tackle them might have already left me

  贈りくれし浅黄の部屋着けふもまとひ梅雨の晴れ間の縁先に立つ   (新アララギ)

Wearing again the light yellow brunch coat, a birthday gift, stay in my garden during a lull in the rain

  番号を調べ電話をかけ得るや馬鹿げた問ひの「はい」を囲みぬ   (新アララギ)

Circle {YES} to the silly question "Can you make a call by finding out the callee's telephone number yourself?"

  毎食の後にわが飲むヨーグルト瑞西時代のならひいまだに  (新アララギ)

The habit still stays with me to have a cup of yogurt after each meal, that became a custom during my service in Switzerland

  なほ残す寿命あらむにエアコンは省エネ型にいまし替へらる   (新アララギ)

Although it still leaves its product life, the air-conditioner is making way for an energy-saving model

 残る視力のこす聴力もちよりて「源氏」を読めりみな生き生きと  (新アララギ)

Bringing their poor visions and deteriorated hearings to a book club, older folks read Tale of Genji all livelily

  太陽系いづれ亡ぶと聞けばわが名を世に残すこともむなしき   (新アララギ)

As it's said the solar system collapses sooner or later, it's foolish to try leaving my name in the land of the living

  をさならの一家をあげて海へゆく愛想なき犬とわれを残して  (新アララギ)

My grandchildren have just gone sea-bathing en famille, leaving this unfriendly dog and myself an old boy

  なほ残る未知の粒子を科学者が寄つて集つていま追ひつめる  (新アララギ)

As there's one elementary particle still uncovered, scientists are ganging up to run it to ground

  秋立てばわれにも行事つらなれりことに今年は妻の回忌が   (新アララギ)

As autumn comes, there are some personal events lined up for me, particularly, the memorial service for my wife

 鉄橋を渡る電車の夕茜つかの間ながらはや秋の音  (新アララギ)

Reflecting the sky at sunset, a train passes over the bridge making the sound of autumn for a while

  脳みそを絞るためにと冷房に倚り懸かりゐる日々の過ぎゆく   (新アララギ)

With the excuse to tax my brain, depend on the air-conditioner day after day in the study

  驟雨去れば秋の夕暮れ街中の蛍光塗装みな際立ちぬ  (新アララギ)

After a violent shower, all objects painted fluorescent in the town start glowing in the autumn evening

  秋立つと言ふに掃除機ひき回し若きがごとき汗を噴きをり  (新アララギ)

Though autumn has started, sweat heavily vacuuming rooms one after another, like a sporting young boy

  雲の峰たけく湧きをり年寄りと呼ばれ久しきわれの行方に   (新アララギ)

The soldierly towering thunderhead checks me in my course, who's been called an old man for years

 また一首あらたな古歌を暗唱すまなく焼かるるわが脳つかひ  (新アララギ)

Memorize another famous old poem today still using my active brain that would be cremated in due course

  レタス洗ふ俄かの水の冷たさに遠き菩提寺ふと浮かび出づ   (新アララギ)

Washing lettuce feeling sudden coldness of water in autumn, the appearance of our distant family temple comes to mind

  いく夏をアクセントなく過ごし来しかくも激しくちちろ鳴く夕  (新アララギ)

How many times summer has passed without joys? Now, crickets are singing so violently this evening

  ほらあそこリレーの孫の指さるるに見分け得ずして目は秋空へ  (新アララギ)

"Just there!" Though told, my attempts to recognize my grandson running in a relay team fails leaving the autumnal sky above

  ひと仕事終へしかふらり死神が病棟詰所の辺りあゆめり   (NHK短歌)

Seemingly getting a job done, Death is walking around near the nurse station now without any definite purpose

(● 2013年 ●)

  をさならの歩みに合はせ日曜の遠出の朝の駅を目指せり    (新アララギ)

Keeping step with our kids, head for the station in the early Sunday morning to begin an extended trip

  新幹線しづかにしかと駅を出づ菩提寺へ向かふ一家六人   (新アララギ)

The bullet train pulls out firmly and quietly taking up six of us heading for the distant family temple

  サンドイツチ手に朝刊に目を通す出張族のあの頃のごと   (新アララギ)

Starting on my sandwich, read a newspaper on board just like in those days being a busy business traveler

  本堂を満たす読経に身を沈めたまゆらのわがいのち見つむる   (新アララギ)

Soaking in the air of the main hall filled with reading of the sutra, think of my life being short and small

  をさならはデイズニーランドに行くと言ふ蜻蛉返りの吾に手を振り  (新アララギ)

Saying they would enjoy Disneyland from now on, our kids give a parting wave to me making a quick trip home

  妻ありし頃よりのわが役目なり門扉の洗浄を今年も果たす   (NHK文芸選評)

It's been my role to clean the gate of our house since my wife was alive, and that has been just made for this year

  幾千の虫の声々その姿ひとつとて見ず冬に入りたり     (新アララギ)

Though thousands of insects were singing, winter already comes without having found any one showing itself

  小春日の縁にならぶは饒舌の知つたかぶりを覚えしをさな   (新アララギ)

On the sunny and balmy verandah, sit together with a chatty kid who's just acquired the habit of cracking wise

  週ごとの浴槽掃除独り居のかくも汚れのなきぞむなしき   (新アララギ)

My abortive weekly routine to clean the bathtub; not much dirt to be washed off, being used only by me alone

  いかにして読み上げらるやもはや世にかかはり薄きわれの一票    (新アララギ)

Can't imagine how my own vote is counted, although I have no connection in depth with the society any longer

  父もまた内気なりしか鬼やらふ大声は子に叫ばせをりき   (高槻歌会)

Being shy, having my father's character, let our kids do the job, the shouts of the bean-throwing

  無作為に呼び出されをりわが夢に世に亡き友もあす会ふ友も     (NHK短歌)

It seems they are called in my dream at random, some are those friends already passed away and some others are to meet me tomorrow

 明日のこと考へ始む凍てつきし心に熱き粥を送りて   (NHK短歌)

Start thinking of things about tomorrow, now pouring the hot rice porridge into my frozen heart

  漏水のこもるを聞かむ音聴棒いまし当てらる寒の蛇口に    (新アララギ)

Trying to listen to the sound of water leak, he places the hydrostat over the faucet of the coldest day in winter

  水漏れはたしかにここと男いま音聴棒をわが耳に当つ     (新アララギ)

"Here must be the water leak in your house," the man says and puts the leak detector to my ear

  給湯器かく改まり朝々の洗顔がわが楽しみとなる   (新アララギ)

As the water heater has been renewed in my house, it's now one of my pleasant routines to make morning ablutions

  朝食を終へてわが脱ぐニツト帽ねぐせの髪のととのふ頃に   (新アララギ)

Finishing my breakfast every morning, take off my knitted cap as my towhead becomes normal about that time

  やるせなし投票用紙にみとせ前えらびし名前ふたたび記す    (新アララギ)

It's disconsolate that I have to write the same name again on the ballot paper as I did four years ago

 今はむかし政権交代のたかぶりも語り種なりこのクリスマス  (新アララギ)

In this Christmas season, it's already become one of the oft-told tales there were a change of regime and its excitement

  ママの漕ぐ自転車のをさな「もう春ね」おしやまな声をこぼしてゆきぬ   (高槻歌会)

A toddler on the bike pedaled by its mama drops a word, "It's already spring, isn't it," like a little madam

  鉄橋を渡る新型車両いま川面に春の音をひびかす   (NHK文芸選評)

A new-model train is just passing through the iron bridge giving its echoing sound to the spring river

  待ちくるるものもはやなきこの家の朝の施錠をなほ確かむる   (新アララギ)

Confirm once again the gate has been locked this morning, where nobody waits any longer for my homecoming

  改札機ひつたくるごとわがカード働く人らの側へ押し出す    (新アララギ)

The automated entranceway takes or snatches my ticket, and pushes it out to the world of the working people

 よみがへる勤めゐしころの朝々の満員電車のかかるしづけさ (新アララギ)

The quietness in a fully packed commuter train reminds me of myself in those days still active in the society

 例外なく吾より若き人々が追ひ越しゆきぬけふの職場へ (新アララギ)

Here, people, being unexceptionally younger than me, get ahead of me all heading for their own workplaces

  半世紀を住みて飽かざりチヨコレート色の電車の通るこの町   (新アララギ)

  「ギブミーチョコ」と呼びて我ら米兵にすがりし頃のふるさとの景    (新アララギ)

The scene back home still comes back begging American soldiers for a handout, saying "Give me chocolate!"

 盆を手に茶房の少女の通るとき紅茶が香りココアがかをる (新アララギ)

When the young female server passes by carrying a tray in the teahouse, smell tea steaming, and smell cocoa on some occasion

  「ちなみに」がここ暫くの口癖にその少年の新学期いま     (NHK短歌)

Having "for your information" as his pet phrase these days, the grade-schooler now starts the new semester

  操車場あとに生まれし新しき街にあまねし五月の日差し    (NHK文芸選評)

Now May sunlight covers far and wide the newly developed town after the marshaling yard having been demolished

  株高と円安を世は囃しをりここ山村に牛も鳴きゐて   (新アララギ)

People are giving a cheer for the soaring share prices and depreciating yen, and even cows moo in this village

  廉売をなほ競ひゐる店頭のテレビが映す首相演説    (新アララギ)

Those TV sets on sale at a cut-price store being still active are all showing the Prime Minister's address

 人間が知恵を授けしロボツトの交じる職場のラジオ体操   (新アララギ)

Given a human ingenuity, those humanoids are now mixed with their colleagues for the morning exercise

 新任の教師つばきを見やりつつ日報に記すか体罰なしと   (新アララギ)

Glancing often at the camellia, the newly-appointed teacher may fill in "No corporal punishment today" on the daily report

  ファンたりし父送らむと子はいまし「六甲颪」を弾けりしづかに   (高槻歌会)

The Rokkooroshi is played with solemnity by the daughter at the funeral to see off her dad having been in the scoreline

  としよりの歩みとなりぬ階段と見ればおのづと手摺に寄れる   (新アララギ)

It's now really the manner that an old man walks, immediately look for the rail on coming across a staircase

  自治会費を集める役に十数年めぐることなき路地ふかく入る    (新アララギ)

Having a turn collecting the neighborhood association fee, walk deep into the blocks for the first time in many years

 娶らざる長子を憂ふかへるでに若葉の出づる庭に立ちゐて   (新アララギ)

Stand under the new-leaved maple in the garden, worrying about my eldest son who has no intention to marry

 伴侶なき生涯を子の好むらし沈丁の香のただよふ夕べ   (新アララギ)

My son seems to live a life without a partner, while the fragrance of the daphne fills the garden this evening

  鍵つ子のけふの幸せちちははと海にむかひて西瓜食みをり   (高槻歌会)

Eating a slice of water melon on the seashore, the latchkey kid has a high time today together with its mama and papa

  原発は良き核なりと言ふ人ありヒロシマを見し子らに向かひて   (新アララギ)

Those grade-schoolers having just visited HIROSHIMA are now told that a nuclear power plant is good, not evil

  半世紀のちの修学旅行にはフクシマを訪ふ子らありぬべし    (新アララギ)

Schoolers in 50 years will surely visit FUKUSHIMA as one of the memorial spots for their pre-graduation excursion

 この家の電話はもはや人の死を告ぐる時のみベルを鳴らせり   (新アララギ)

The telephone in this house starts ringing only when it needs to tell me about someone's death

 その父の逝きしこのとし娘は母にひときは紅き花を贈れり   (新アララギ)

Losing her father recently, she sends floral tributes for Mother's Day, red flowers above all this year

 もはやその目付きの読めぬほどに盲ひ声音にさぐるその優しさを   (新アララギ)

My sight being lost to the extent her eyes couldn't be looked into, gentleness is probed now in the tone of her voice

  カラスよけネットを運ぶ月当番やもめを生きていつか七年   (高槻歌会)

Already seven years living a widower's life, now in the monthly role of bringing a crow net to the garbage spot

  地下街に古きおもかげ残りゐておのづと決まるランチの場所も    (NHK文芸選評)

As the underground town still looks like what used to be, decide naturally where to eat lunch

  父の日といふしづけさを過ごしをり隣家のをさなはもの言ひ初むる   (新アララギ)

With a certain tranquility in my mind on Father's Day, hear the young baby next door just start talking

  わが去りし町に孫子ら住み古りておのづからなる派閥つくれり    (新アララギ)

My second-generation family has lived long enough in the town, where I left, and has naturally formed a group

 父さんはどないしますと住み捨てし町の旧知の通夜を知らさる   (新アララギ)

"Dad, what would you do" asked with information on the memorial for an old neighbor died in the town I'd lived many years

 わが棺置かれむ処はこの辺り梅雨ながき夜をひとり端座す   (新アララギ)

Thinking of the spot my coffin will be placed in the room, sit square this evening in the long-lasting rain

 町内のイベントたりし弔辞いまや十日遅れの回覧板に   (新アララギ)

Funeral is no more a public event here, the condolence appears only on the community paper ten days later

 騒がるることなく逝ける気楽さを思へばよろしき時代なりけり   (新アララギ)

Good days are rolling now for easiness that we can die quietly and secretly without being regretted in public

 エベレストに挑む八十路の人のあり千首暗唱を吾も目指さむ   (新アララギ)

The story an old man conquered Mt. Everest encourages me to achieve my daily recitation of one thousand poems

  声そろへ兵になるとふをさならに先生はただ合点しゐき   (新アララギ)

With one voice, those kids in the class said they would become a soldier, and the teacher gave a nod mutely

  口々にケーキ屋さんになりたいと七十年後のをさならは言ふ    (新アララギ)

Now seventy years later, those grade-schoolers chant in unison they would be a patisserie in future

 気骨ある素振りを見せる評論家いくさしたくばお前らがせよ   (新アララギ)

Those critics pretending to have backbone! If you wish us to enter into a war, you do it yourself this time!

 賞与月とふたかぶりも見せぬままもはや中年の子が出勤す   (新アララギ)

Seemingly, not excited by his bonus to be paid soon, my son, approaching middle life, sets off for work as usual

 子も母も目を凝らしゐき頼もしき父の取り出す賞与袋に   (新アララギ)

Kids and the mother are staring hard at the bonus envelope the dependable father has just taken out of his pocket

  週末のシャッター通り若きらが若き声あげ露店つらぬる    (NHK文芸選評)

On the street with shops all shuttered miserably , there are weekend stalls opened by youngsters and youthful soliciting calls

  夕風の涼しさを待つ盆明けの屋内にのこる供養の香り   (新アララギ)

Wait for the cool evening breeze in the room having finished the bon memorial, still filled with an incense-rich air

  政権の右傾化がいま言はるるも紳士らは日傘さして歩めり    (新アララギ)

While it's said the government tilts rightward, there are gentlemen in this land walking today putting up a parasol

 女子会とふものの流れか真夜ちかき電車にあまたをのこを圧す   (新アララギ)

Those women apparently having enjoyed a girls' night out now overwhelm a smaller number of men on the midnight train

 二時間の日課の歩み噴き出づる汗つつがなき命なりけり   (新アララギ)

During my daily two-hour walk, being sweating like a horse, really feel this guy is surely living

 八か月先の約束かはすとき余命いくばく延びし心地す   (新アララギ)

Making an appointment to meet in eight months, feel somehow like taking fresh lease of life a little

  祈り浅きわれにしてなほその時は労りたまふ声の聞きたし   (高槻歌会)

One who didn't offer a sincere prayer still wishes to hear Voice of Heaven at the time rewarding him for his services

  十分に生きしと言へるが十四年後のリニアを待つ思ひあり   (新アララギ)

Knowing to have lived enough longer, still look forward to the mag-lev train starting to run in fourteen years

  夢にあれば普段の如く妻がゐて普段のごとくものを食ふ吾    (新アララギ)

There's often my wife as usual in a dream at night, and also myself having a meal there as usual

 名月の夕べ供ふるものもなく連なる人もなき縁に立つ   (新アララギ)

Nothing to offer to the harvest moon, nobody sitting beside me to enjoy the full moon at the veranda

 政治家も新聞も気は確かかや物価上昇をさまでよろこび  (新アララギ)

You guys, politicians and newswriters, may be not in your right mind to appreciate so much the price run-up

  冬に入るさびしき橋を渡りつつ未練うするる町ふりかへる    (読売歌壇)

Crossing the bridge being bitten by the year's winter, look back at the town with a certain sense of waning regrets

(● 2014年 ●)

  猛暑の夏過ぎて間無きにうそ寒しひとりの冬の肌着たしかむ    (新アララギ)

Without a pause after the very hot summer, a chilly weather visits us urging preparation of the right underwear

 ゆつたりと新聞を読む縁側の日差しよろこぶ冬に入りたり   (新アララギ)

Winter has come to please me with the sunny spot in the LR for my reading a newspaper in a relaxed manner

 認知症の血筋おそるるわれになほ宇宙の起源を語るたかぶり  (新アララギ)

In anxiety that dementia sleeps in my blood, still excited to talk about the origin of the universe

 若きらとのけふの話題の面はゆしアン・ジェリーナジョリーの乳房切除は   (新アララギ)

The subject today for discussion with youngsters flushes me: the story of Angelina Jolie's preventive mastectomy

 死ぬまでにみんな捨つべしただ無為に溜まりたまりし文も写真も   (新アララギ)

Would burn, until the end of my life, those old letters and photos having piled and piled up purposelessly

  手の中のキーウイがふつと身じろげり果物ナイフを探し当てれば   (高槻歌会)

Suddenly feel a micromotion of the kiwi in the hand, when the fruit knife has been finally found out

    盆栽にかがみゐる父あたりにも新たな年の日溜りのあり    (NHK文芸選評)

There's a pool of New Year's sunlight around the spot where my father was bending over his bonsais

  語られぬままに秘密は聞きくるる人を失ひむなしき夕べ    (新アララギ)

There's a secret in the lonely evening that was never told and already lost the one who should have been told

 いくたびも明かしそびれて今やただ詮なきひみつ妻逝きたれば   (新アララギ)

The secret has lost its value as it lost my wife to whom it was often tried to be confided

 口に指あててヒミツとをさな笑むはや人の世の手管を得しや   (新アララギ)

Putting a finger to its lips, saying with a smile it's a secret, the little kid has started walking through life

 二人のみの秘密の出来て親友を恋人を持つ青春に入る   (新アララギ)

Now having bezzy mates and lovers with a tete-a-tete secret, the kid started enjoying the joys of youth

 独居老けふ給湯器あらたまり新しき湯に身を沈めをり   (新アララギ)

Being an old man living alone, bathe my body in the fresh warm water provided by a newly installed water heater

  北風に変りたりしか明けちかく遠き鉄路をゆく貨車の音    (NHK文芸選評)

Now it looks turning to the north wind, the sound of a freight train running on the distant track is heard well

  死の近き予感身に無しふらふらり十日戎の賑はひに入る   (高槻歌会)

Feeling not any foreboding that my days are numbered, drift into the crowds enjoying the festival in honor of Ebisu

   四半分の白菜ひとつ籠に入れ今年最後のレジに並べり     (NHK短歌)

With fourth a head of cabbage in the basket, stand in the check-out line for the last time this year

  君の名をラジオに聞きしと友の言ふその折のわが歌には触れず    (新アララギ)

While my friend said he'd heard my name on the radio, he didn't touch at all my poem introduced that time

 若きらに交じる夕餉の折々にいたはりくるる寂しさを知る   (新アララギ)

Feel a certain sense of loneliness having dinner with those young fellows being so kind to me one way or another

 肉に酒に腹みたされて鍋かこむものらはやはり人事を語る   (新アララギ)

Having now a full stomach, those enjoying the hotpot dinner naturally start gossiping about personnel changes

 ひとり食ふ老いの気安さ孤食とはけだもの我等の本性らしき  (新アララギ)

So relaxed an old man has supper alone, it must be the instinct of animals to eat keeping themselves off their back

  問はれゐる声ここちよし近況をぽつりぽつりとわれに語らす   (新アララギ)

Being asked in such a beautiful voice, start to tell about my latest news piece by piece

 老いらくの恋の川田順を思ふその齢をもとうに超えゐて   (新アララギ)

Thinking of the legendary poet having a love affair in his old age, know even that ages have already passed me

 亡き妻にみづ供へゐてこの春の恋の妄想より放たるる   (新アララギ)

As giving a glass of water to my deceased wife in the altar, feel getting relief from the spring head trips

 亡き妻に手を合はせをりこの孫もまれにもの言ふ少年となる  (新アララギ)

The grandchild, joining his hands praying to my deceased wife in the altar, has grown up to be one of the reticent teens

 独居老まれの電話に出でたればもの言ふ声のいたくしやがるる    (新アララギ)

When the old guy living alone starts speaking getting an unwonted phone, he realizes he has a frog in his throat

  あの頃に戻れぬものかドイツ語の答案用紙のふと浮かび出づ   (新アララギ)

Isn't it impossible to turn back my clock? The answer sheet of German exam in those days flashes across my mind

 一日を手筈通りに仕舞ふ夜の湯に沈みゐて思ふことなし   (新アララギ)

Getting all the day's jobs done exactly as planned, have nothing to review soaking in the bathtub at night

 神仏に親しまず来て亡き妻をいまやよすがに願ふわが幸   (新アララギ)

Having long been unfriendly to the gods, now pray to my deceased wife as the patron saint for better luck

 リンカーンの演説を丸暗記する馬鹿げた趣味と人思ふらむ  (新アララギ)

Have just memorized correctly the text of Gettysburg Address; people would look at me following such a stupid hobby

 それまでに生を終ふべし認知症は統計の言ふ四人に一人    (新アララギ)

Would finish my life until that time; statistics says, among the elderly, one out of four contracts dementia

  並走の三列車いまうちそろひ西日あふるる淀川を渡る   (高槻歌会)

Now, three trains running in parallel have come to cross all alike the Yodo filled with the light of the setting sun

  警報の出るほどまでに雨がふり春の人事の会議つづけり   (新アララギ)

While it rains to the extent an alarm to be given, the meeting to deal with the spring reorganization still goes on

 うつらうつら春雨の庭ながめつつ忙しき日々をなほなつかしむ   (新アララギ)

Can't help but nid-nod looking at the garden in the spring rain, reminiscing about my old active days

 電車待つ我にゑまひて「春ですね」見知らぬ顔の朱き唇   (新アララギ)

"It's spring, isn't it?" Addressed suddenly by the red lips on an unfamiliar face while waiting for a train

 常よりも混み合ふ店内われも買ふ増税前の歯ブラシ二つ  (新アララギ)

At the unusually crowded store, also tempted to buy something prior to the tax increase; two toothbrushes only

  それぞれが死者の記憶を身に宿しあつけらかんと酒のみ合へり   (新アララギ)

With memories of their respective dead, quite indifferently, people are having a drink together

 夜の夢に妻ゆき過ぎぬもはや世のわれを忘れしもののごとくに  (新アララギ)

In the dream last night, my wife just passed by in front of me, as if she had already forgotten me in this world

 ぼたりぼたり椿が落ちる死者になほ質量のある宵のしづけさ   (新アララギ)

The clusters of japonica are falling strikingly, still showing the inherent mass of the dead in the quiet evening

 丈ひくく屈みて妻はどくだみの花を撮りゐき花好きの妻が  (新アララギ)

Being a lover of flowers, my deceased wife used to take pictures of Dokudami bending herself so deeply

 ひとり食らふコンビニ弁当竹の子に沁みゐる汁のささやかな旬    (新アララギ)

Eating alone the box lunch bought at a convenience store, enjoy delicacies of the season a little with its bamboo shoot

  デイ・ケアへと送らるるうつつなきものの瞳にうつる新緑   (高槻歌会)

On the way to be delivered to a day-care provider, the guy's absent-minded eyes still reflect the year's young leaves

 あへて是非を問はるるになほ大方はどちらとも言へぬの群れに連なる  (新アララギ)

Asked daringly the final yes-no decision, still follow the majority, a group "neither off nor on"

 是とする群れ蔓延り今や過半数わが嫌ふやから世をかため初む   (新アララギ)

Those giving their approval are growing into a majority now, and they whom I hate start to solidify this land

 みづからはいくさにゆかぬ一群が民を守らむためといきまく  (新アララギ)

Those who would never go to the war fronts themselves talk in a fume about the self-defense to protect the people

 受験に群れ就活に群れ若きらのやがていくさに群るる日ありや    (新アララギ)

Having gathered in a flock to tackle the exam hell in schools and job hunts will they be summoned to a war?

 夢にゐてロダンの群像にまじり立つ何か激しきことばを叫び   (新アララギ)

In the dream tonight, stand mixed in the group of statues by Rodin, yelling there something bitter words

  久しくも来ざりし大阪駅がいま異界となれり吾が過去も消ゆ   (新アララギ)

Now, the Osaka Station shows another world while it's been not visited longtime, leaving no more my past life

 血色をまづは褒め合ひ相応に老いし者らがテーブルにつく   (新アララギ)

First, pointing each other's florid face, those accordingly aged boys start sitting down at the table

 やはりその話題になるかお互ひに言ひ尽くし聞き飽きしそのこと   (新アララギ)

After all people start running on the topics today, which has already been enough talked and enough heard

 母の日も父の日もなき世に育ちとことんなしき家事の手伝ひ  (新アララギ)

Brought up in those days having no Mother's Day or Father's Day, helped extensively with the housework

  ひと踊りふた踊りしてうつし世を包む闇へと順に消えゆく    (高槻歌会)

Having danced once or twice, leave the spotlighted world one after another for the surrounding darkness

  解釈改憲を詰るもよいがまつぴらと正直に言へ国防なんて    (新アララギ)

Besides criticizing new constitutional interpretations, just say we wouldn't be interested in "national defense" any longer

  肺がんの疑ひを医師に告げられて国防はわがテーマより消ゆ    (新アララギ)

As the doctor tells me signs of a lung cancer, the issue of national defense has quickly left my concern

  まなうらに患部の画像なほ残し蝉いつせいに鳴く道に出づ   (新アララギ)

Walk along a sideway amid the singing of the cicada, still carrying in my eyes the CT-image of my affected area

 差し向かふ医師の声音の明るさを素直にすなほに吾は喜びつ   (新アララギ)

Talking with the doctor face-to-face, rejoice straightforwardly at the bright tone of his voice

 肺がんに大腸がんも加はりて逝きし友らに吾もつらなれり  (新アララギ)

It seems my way henceforth follows the one those friends took having suffered lung cancer, and colon in addition*

  鎮魂の礼つくすごとゆるゆると自死の現場を電車すすめり    (高槻歌会)

As if to mourn for the dead, the train slows down at the site where the poor guy has just committed suicide

  追悼式に宣らすみことばそこにのみ反戦の主張あつくこもれり(    (新アララギ)

Only the Emperor's address given at the year's memorial service has implied a strong stance against war

  わが母を看取りくれしに報ゆべき日数あまさず妻は逝きたり    (新アララギ)

Although my wife attended my mother until the deathbed, she's gone herself without leaving time to get a reward

  車椅子押さるる者と押すものの今日の話題はスタップ細胞    (新アララギ)

One in wheelchair and another to push it, their topics today is about the questioned STAP stem cells

 孫の心はや移りしにわれはなほ新型電車にひとりたかぶる   (新アララギ)

Excitements still stay with me on the newly introduced express train, while they've let my little grandson

 加速音をじつと聞きつつ新型の車両中央に踏ん張つて立つ  (新アララギ)

Listening to the sound of accelerations, stand and hang tough in the middle of the newly introduced train

  出発ラウンジに待つ人のごと前方の診察順の表示に見入る   (NHK文芸選評)

As if to wait in the departure lobby, fix my eyes on the wall display to be showing my turn for consultation

  また一つやまひ告げらるこのたびは大層若き医師に触れられ    (高槻歌会)

Just diagnosed with another illness, this time, examined with the hand of a very very young physician

  ココロつてどこにあるのと問ふをさな立往生の七十八歳    (新アララギ)

Asked by a little kid, "Where is the mind located in my body?" The seventy-eight-year old has been held up

  腰痛のしげきひと日は面壁の達磨となりてこころ研ぎゐる    (新アララギ)

Having severe backache today, meditative all day long just sitting like Dharma facing the wall

  反りの合はぬこころ互ひにかかへきて後先に世をあはれ去りゆく    (新アララギ)

Having each one's mind never hitting off, they'll be leaving the lower world not necessarily in good order

 コスモスの野に踏み入れば心より笑みくるるものなほそこに顕つ   (新アララ)

Entering the field of blooming cosmos, still see a vision of that person with a smile coming from its heart

  月ごとの供花を買はむと入る花舗にいつもの人ゐて過ぎし八年    (高槻歌会)

Eight years have passed buying a monthly tribute going into the flower shop where the same salesclerk always receives me

  居酒屋の客いさかふを見て帰りつめたき水をまづ口にする   (NHK文芸選評)

Coming home after seeing a battle of words between drunken guys at the pub, take a swallow of cold water first of all

2015年 →●)

  諍ひもありしあの頃けさはただつんざく百舌の声を聞くのみ   (新アララギ)

Although a set-to took place sometime between us, today could only hear the shrike cries in a piercing voice

  清水の三年坂を下りつくし総身に浴びる西の日はいま    (新アララギ)

Having descended the Sannenzaka from Kiyomizu, bathe my body as a whole in the strong afternoon sun

  冬の日のかくかたぶきて亡き妻の六尺の書の軸に及べり    (新アララギ)

The wintry sunlight at such an angle now arrives at the six-feet calligraphic scroll crafted by my deceased wife

 冬日さす縁にかがみて画仙紙に筆を走らす妻のまぼろし  (新アララギ)

See the vision of my deceased wife still driving a brush bending over a big drafting paper in the wintry sun

 軸物を幾つかのこし妻逝けり挑みし気概それぞれに滲む  (新アララギ)

My wife has passed away leaving several pieces of her calligraphic scroll, each shows her high-spirited attempts

  ご飯ですよ階下から急く妻のこゑと聞き做せばたのし百舌の高音も   (新アララギ)

It's my pleasure to hear the shrike's scream as my wife's shout downstairs "Come sit down to eat!"

  張り合ひしものら折々夢に来てさびしからざり八十路となるも    (新アララギ)

At age eighty, feel no loneliness having dreams at night where those competed with me visit periodically

  西日背に大層ながきわが影の頭はすでに踏切の向かう   (高槻歌会)

The evening sun on my back, my own shadow stretches very long with its head already passing the railroad crossing

  わが庭に百舌の高音のひびきゐて缶切りがいまカニ缶を刺す   (NHK文芸選評)

There are violent screams of the shrike in the garden, while my tin opener has just stabbed the canned crab

  研修生の名札を付けて釣銭をこぼさせまいと我が手をつつむ   (新アララギ)

The cashier with her name tag reading 'Intern' is covering my hand with her hand not to drop the change

  抗はず働くものへの賃上げを首相みづから旗を振る世か    (新アララギ)

It seems the time for the prime minister himself to demand a rise in wages for the workers in this country

  御用組合と言はるるままに在りつづけ春闘の鉢巻使ふことなし     (新アララギ)

T For many years it's existed being called a company union with its campaign tags for annual labor offensives never used

 渡されし投票用紙にああまたも書いてしまつた書き馴れし名を  (新アララギ)

Once again this time, in the given voting paper, have written the name that was written there for many times

  聳え立つ大聖堂の石壁を激しくたたきラインながるる   (高槻歌会)

The Rhein runs energetically with its wildwater violently hitting the stone wall of the towering cathedral

  二十年目の節目むかふる震災を語り合ふべき妻いまは亡し   (新アララギ)

To talk about the earthquake disaster on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, my wife is no more with me here

  震災の古傷のこす壁面を背になほ咲けりこの家のつばき    (新アララギ)

In the garden, the japonica blooms again this year against the wall still showing the damage of the big earthquake

  そののちに生れしものらの世に増して等しく梅が香り浴びをり     (新アララギ)

The newly earthborn population increases after the catastrophe, and they soak equally in the fragrance of ume flowers

 声あげて告げくるる妻いまはなし咲きゐる花に気づくもひとり  (新アララギ)

As there's my wife no more with me to cry out, it's myself alone to become aware of the flowers just bloomig

  諍ひし昨日をなほも身に宿しけさ咲き出づるつばき見つむる   (新アララギ)

Still keeping yesterday's awkwardness in my mind, stare at the Camellia just started blooming this morning

  あやまたず椿は咲けりこの国にさびしき人の数の増しゐて    (新アララギ)

Without fail, the Camelia blooms this year again, though there's an increasing number of lonely bachelors

  日本脱出したしとの気概もはや失せいたくしづかに椿ながむる     (新アララギ)

Having already lost such a motivation to get out of this land, now stare at the blooming Camelia in peace and quiet

 久々に世に乞はれたる心地して引き受けし愚を悔やむゆふぐれ  (新アララギ)

It's an evening for me to regret having foolishly accepted the nomination coming to me for the first time in many years

  すぐハグをする朝ドラにわが過去のやり直したきシーンを数ふ   (高槻歌会)

Watching a TV drama where persons often hug each other, recall those scenes in my life to be corrected that way

  いまだかく力ありとて臥す妻がわが手つかみて言ひしその声   (新アララギ)

Grasping my hand, my sick wife said she had still such a strong grip, the voice is vivid in my mind even today

  大根焚きしと声かけ舌にのせやればうましうましと重ねて言ひき     (新アララギ)

A little piece of radish, cooked by myself, being put on the tongue of my sick wife, "It's good, good," said she

  今日もまた身のしくじりに腹を立て大音声が独居にひびく     (新アララギ)

Making a careless mistake again and getting mad at myself, raise my voice in the house nobody else lives with me

 若きらに交じる議論のわが声に若さと張りのいつか増しをり  (新アララギ)

My tone of voice becomes younger and stronger, being involved and enough ignited in a debate with younger people

  町内の世話役なれば晴れし午後連絡網にしたがひてゆく   (NHK文芸選評)

As the facilitator of the block club, walk around amid a spring breeze visiting dwellers one after another

   黄塵が天を乗つ取りわが見たき一ひらの雲のありどころなし  (NHK短歌)

Being overwhelmed with the yellow sand, the vault of heaven gives no room for a piece of cloud I wanted to see

   これまでに怒つたことなどないやうなそんな錯覚けふの青空  (NHK短歌)

The blue sky today with such an illusion as if it'd never got angry

   玄関に立てば荷物を持ち替へて右手の知つてる暗証番号  (NHK短歌)

On arrival, hands are changed for the shopping bag, as my right hand only knows the pin number

  町の行事終へてやれやれなのになほ達成感のかげに寂しさ   (NHK文芸選評)

Having dealt with a community project, feel relieved, feel a sense of achievement and even feel a bit lonely

   小鳥きてちちちちと啼く朝餉なり勝ち負けのなき諍ひの後  (NHK短歌)

Have breakfast listening to the music of little birds, almost leaving a quarrel that hasn't concluded anything

   すれ違ふときは帽子に手をやりて少しほほゑむそのかつこよさ  (NHK短歌)

He looked cool and classy whenever he came up against me, touching slightly his hat and giving a smile

   そこをなほふるさとなどと呼ぶべきか骨壷のみが帰りゆく村  (NHK短歌)

Should it be still called 'my home' the old village where only mortuary urns are coming back

  をさな顔いまだ残すにわが丈を越しゐて孫はものを言はざり   (NHK文芸選評)

Still with a young face, my grandson has become taller than me and now rarely opens his mouth

   たつぷりと「幾久しく」の詰め込まれ婚のうたげが残す胸焼け  (NHK短歌)

The reception banquet having fed me a lot of complimentary speeches gives me heartburn on my way home

   初めての投票終へし子は無言やや熟れ過ぎたバナナむきゐる  (NHK短歌)

Having thrown a vote first time in life, my son is quietly peeling a slightly overripe banana

  さそひくれしものみな逝きて人混みを花火の音に押されつつ出づ  (NHK短歌)

While those always together at such an entertainment are all gone, leave the throng pushed by the sound of fireworks

  おいそれとゆかぬ憂き世に年を経ておのづからなる楓のもみぢ   (NHK文芸選評)

Living long in the everyday world not running on my own, see the maple leaves turning red as stipulated

  破裂した風船のごとだらしなく残されし部屋に冬日さし入る  (NHK短歌)

The winter sun enters in depth the room left disorganized like a balloon just burst in pieces

  見て見てと促しくるる声もなく車窓に過ぎる山のもみぢ葉   (NHK文芸選評

There's no cry "Look at that" on the train urging me to view the passing hills putting on autumn colors

  美しさゆゑ触れらるることもなくワイングラスは飾られしまま  (NHK短歌)

The wineglass, for its extreme beauty, has been kept untouched being only on view on the china cabinet

 この家に風呂を「おふろ」と言ひくるるをみなら消えて幾年や過ぐ   (NHK短歌)

All women, who says "The bash is ready" in feminism, have disappeared from this house already many ears ago

  暮れ方の日差し日増しにちから得てまつすぐ黒くのびるわが影   (NHK文芸選評)

Gaining its strength day by day, the sun stretches my twilight shadow more clearly and much longer away

  電動の自転車つらなり坂の上の学舎を目指す今の世の子ら   (NHK文芸選評)

Riding mostly on an electric bike, today's students go in procession heading for the school at the top of a hill

  体育の時間をシロは知つてゐて山の峡なる分校めざす  (NHK短歌)

As the family dog knows when a PE class starts, he runs down heading for the foothill school to see his friends

  内回り外回りへと別れ乗りそのまま回りつづくるごとし  (NHK短歌)

Since separated for clockwise and anti-clockwise at the loop line station, we seemingly still go around the tracks

  家出から連れ戻されし少年が麦飯茶漬けをむさぼり食らふ  (NHK短歌)

The runaway child just taken back home is eating the burley-rice gruel greedily in the kitchen

  語り合ふほどに声音の若返るオービー会に夕日さし入る   (NHK文芸選評)

As talk goes on lively, the tone of voices becomes younger and younger in the meeting room getting the evening sun

  答案の余白をうめるかのごとく道に貝殻を踏みふみ帰る  (NHK短歌)

Like trying to fill the unfilled spaces of the exam papers, walk home trampling and treading the shell road

  部屋にひとり庭に一人のそれぞれが没頭している秋のゆふぐれ   (NHK短歌)

One in the room and the other in the garden, both are losing themselves in work in the autumn evening

  嬉々として「あたぼうよ」とてをさな言ふ使ひ勝手のよき言葉らし   (NHK短歌)

The little boy says "you know" in a happy vein, as if he acquired a powerful pet phrase for sociability

 独り居の家にこのごろ女ゐて風呂わいたなどと声を張りあぐ   (NHK文芸選評)

In the bachelor's house, a woman's voice is often heard these days saying, for instance, "bath is ready"

 塩胡椒サラダに振りて朝刊の好みの味の記事のみを読む  (NHK短歌)

Seasoning the salad with pepper and salt, read those stories only of my taste in the morning paper

  みどりたつ庭先にゐて酸い物を不意に欲りたるひと思ひをり   (NHK短歌)

Being in the greening garden, remember that lovely woman having suddenly said she wanted to eat something sour



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