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長沢英治 作品集

(2004 - 2008)

(31-syllabled verses written by Eiji Nagasawa)





★ これまでの作品 ★



(● 2004年 ●)



At the lakeside camp, give a speech with excitement to my audience consisting mainly of the young


In my manner of talking with the young, the tone, used to be in those days at work, quickly comes back


The young who discusses the current aging society finally touches the story of granny dumping as legend goes


Having an inclination to talk about the old days one way or another, touched the story of the Showa's war again today


The young man who doesn't believe the present pension system could last in the future, eating hamburger, he says "We will survive!"


Without a word inviting me to the post-party party, the young has disappeared into the bright mid-evening town


My own Coming-of-Age Day; it was when I'd become a student at the university lagging two years behind the age peers


With a disconsolate feeling, learn at the in-house workshop how to dismantle the noncooperative labor union


Playing with the bunch of keys in his pocket, the teacher waits for the next question from his students


A radio program says people must brood on death on their birthday, and it's right today I've reached the 60th of mine


In an attempt to leave the record of my life on the PC, keep touch-typing everyday on the past ordinaries


Everyday try fishing for verbalism that would reach those people to live in the hundreds-of-years-late world


With the boxed birthday cake for me, the young daughter-in-law is walking through the door leading her toddler by the hand


Staying in the lukewarm bathtub in the middle of the night,recite three times the Buddhist Sutra that was learnt off by heart


Am I lying about my career? Now I'm telling young people my records of activities, amplifying some of those cases


Giving the iron kettle a tilt with both hands, the little boy, myself in my knee-high day, poured hot water into the foot warmer


Feel being quenched seeing those scenes of the Ozu's film where the typical throwaway line goes on


Now going to business this morning too as one of the petit bourgeois who feel quenched by the sound stepping on the fallen leaves


It dawns on me that I'm a live coward gradually accepting it unavoidable to send SDF troops to the Iraqi battle area


Having late breakfast for my wife and myself, talk about how beautifully those daffodils blossom in the garden


Girls dressed for the Coming-of-Age Day begin to crowd on the street where leaflets speaking against sending troops to Iraq were thrown away


At the small office to which I've just been transferred, talk to my new colleagues about my plain career taking the floor


Those rooms shortly to have new recruits are aired one after another in a March breeze by the dormitory matron


Though it's known the year's sales couldn't meet the target, continue making a customer call at the last few days in March


Advance in years before knowing in detail the story my parents even tried a papa-mama shop for their bread and butter a long time ago


Feel easiness mixed in the stream of commuters walking underground in the morning of the first working day of the year


Standing in the front of the houseflag and the rising sun banner, have finished giving a New Year's toast that was rehearsed at home


Exchanging greetings each other, the suppliers invited to the New Year buffet party keep track of the procurement officer of the host company


Feeling a certain sense of security knowing that the person to be greeted is absent, leave there a card carrying the New Year message printed in the red-letter


As days of the New Year greetings in full dress are over now, transfer the datebook to the pocket of the everyday suit


Delighted to be able to visit Kiyomizu with cherry trees still in full blossom and, together with them, expose myself to the afternoon sun


With the key to my apartment for living solo first time in life,hurry on my way going to work


Bone and bred in a row house that never fastened its doors, live a life long enough in the land of the culture of the keys


Everyone passing by me along the riverside walkway of the Rhein seems to carry around with a heavy bunch of keys


Pronouncing carefully my room number in English with a smile, receive correctly the key from the counter clerk in the hotel


On the announcement the airplane arrives in two hours, automatically grope for the key to my house in the pocket with my hand


Beating ceaselessly the piers of the small bridge straddling the border, the Rhein flows violently


With a satisfactory result, call it a day lying on the bed, still hear things, the sound of Schaffhausen waterfall that was visited a few hours ago


Young talky girls keep laughing in the teahouse, the sun declines outdoors in the street where the bai is falling


When did I have this habit of giving a laugh at each end of my words during talking with others?


The gold medalist in Sydney smilingly says she's been not selected for competition in the Athens Olympic Games


Having bitten my lip many times on failing to have the preference, lived a life related to the society for a long time


Failed in an entrance examination, learned what was wrong with me, studied English very hard and that became a great help in my present life


There must be trauma deep in my mind driving me still to dream a threatening dream I can't earn enough credits to graduate


Have to leave the party chatting about the name list of promotion, as there existed meager hope for myself too


Spend days more and more carried away by the fragrance of the winter daphne as God's selected me to live a life in this way


Chosen to be transferred to a workplace far away from the headquarters, take the local rail motor now to start for my new post


On the bridge of the thick water pipe down the river, the distant shadow of mine walking in the afternoon summer sun also moves


Tell my wife again the story, once upon a time, my name was always among the high-achieving students in the aptitude test


While searching my pockets for the key of a bike, see my wife in the grass shaking it shining by the reflection of the sun


Though it's not one of my near affairs, urge the young intellectuals to protect free speech


The man falls into a drowse with a weekly magazine in his lap that opens the expose of the scandal conduct of a politician


Learning my major subject being the Japanese literature, people presume and tell laughingly I must be on the opposite side of the liberalist


Walking in the dark, new-leave cherry lane, find myself fishing the hidden surveillance cameras


The young child is playing with model trains creating its own world where nobody could gain entry


Hesitating to stare at the full face of the woman introduced by a match-maker, keep sipping tea with lemon


Coming home from the blind date organized by a match-maker, my son goes promptly into his own room upstairs flinging off "I've got tired!"


A young mother at the hen party in a park gives a loud cry to her toddler being about to run away, "Stop!"


In my old days at the company's bachelor apartment, the sound of the steam locomotive D51, thundering along, lulled me to sleep nightly


The doctor talks vailing his eyes while pointing the whitened spot of my lungs on the X-ray picture


Refusing to be put on a drip with the nutritional supplement, have midnight aid at the hospital lounge, the rice ball slotted in by my wife


Surrounded by many medical trainees, the doctor draws water from my lungs with a syringe on my back


Motivated on recovering from an illness, phone the secretary at work about the business trips after my discharge from hospital


In the afternoon having been discharged from hospital, listen hungeringly to Beethoven's Sixth grabbing some coffee at home


The young visitors are playing blackjack day and night at the island from which the Enola Gay atom bomb mission was flown


It's said Enola Gay was named after the captain's mother, while she still shows her silvery fuselage in public


Making a collection of model trains for many years, now polish them one by one and replace them on the shelf in perfect arrangement on a daily basis


The toddler can't have a finger in the model trains knowing they are very important items for its granddad


With great skill, could give the model train a position stopping by reducing carefully the circuit voltage


Driving a Yokosuka-type model train in my room, think about the scenery of Kamakura passing by the window


Stopping my bicycle on the railroad overpass, confirm the long-distance train coming past below exactly according to the time table


Today, five feather cockscombs are blooming in the garden while nobody is ill in bed among my family members at home


Bending down to the height of our toddler, show how lightly I'm touching the flowers of the big blue lilyturf in the garden


There's a white cloud high up in the sky on the day World War II ended, while somebody has named the chain of islands as "unsinkable aircraft carrier"


Grating their pivot chairs,both the doctor and I start exchanging questions and answers in the manner that is called "informed consent"


Enjoying the security in my own den in the small, keep pinching my chin to pluck the whiskers out


Striking a pose, palping the chin, my father is in the photograph taken in school uniform showing his vernal years


People have become quiet with their arms crossed as the agenda of restructuring already consumed two hours


Uncrossing slowly his arms on the chest, the grinning man starts to apprise me of the job transfer


Crossing my legs and with my arms across my chest on a bright late-night train, think of the long day today


Just hold the newborn in my arms timidly as if having the first taste of it


Leaving those folks never tired of surrounding the newborn downstairs, start today's PC work in my den


After those kids have left me tired of looking on, enjoy alone running the model trains on veranda


Taking time, chew the vegetable served this morning, recalling those days for myself being one of poorly-fed children


In perfect happiness having a bite in his mouth, the little boy didn't swallow it for a long time, just one piece of the soybean


Standing in line for the pure white flour released by Allied Occupation, people never think of the battle cry any more; America and Britain, the hellkite!


Having been nurtured to become a man brave and he-blooded, we were suddenly released simply on the day World War II ended


Talk loud about antiwar these days while, a long time ago, insisted with confidence to go for soldier


Being miles away, lie by the woman's side who's praying on her knees for God's forgiveness


Come home through the late-night housing complex going along the stenchful road with fallen and crunched ginkgo nuts


Eating halfway with relish the the pot-steamed hotchpotch, discover the green ginkgo nuts like hitting a bonanza


Keeping late hours alone in the office, wonder how long it's been needed to draw the design for a new machine


As the new machine designed by myself runs perfectly, a guy working through midnight hours gives a smile to me


Just completing an assigned task, bathe my body in the hot water of a public bathhouse on Friday evening


Having got a transfer to the distant workplace here from the job site, this office wear becomes to suit me well today


It still appears in my dream that, having a greasy jacket on, I'm adjusting a machine in the manufacturing line


On launching a sales pitch, begin with a talk of the magnificent view of Mount Fuji taken from my train this morning

(● 2005年 ●)


Bending my brows against the adolescent horseplay, recall those days the country's draft system was running rampant


Young people from those countries having some for an enemy start talking about how their own military forces are of good quality


In many other countries in the world, people of their age will be inducted into a military service while such youths are singing here in front of the station as street musicians


While not feeling like having been proud to live in this country, inclined to agree to the introduction of patriotism in school education


Though the egomaniacal leader is worried about in public, the society has started moving onward at an accelerated pace


Waiting for daybreak, couldn't sleep on a futon since it suddenly dawned on me there had been an error in my document


Unusually trading quips, we're cleaning the windows of our office that will end the year's service


Pointing her finger at the mildewed headlining of our bathroom, my wife lets me grip the stick of a brush


On a midnight train, try in my mind how to extract the square root in one way and another


Being surely a Homo sapiens who uses a word in a proper sense, the five-year-old kid now talks to his friend starting with "incidentally"


Raising the intonation at every turn, the big brother has started talking about his restructuring plan


As it's known that the personnel changes ask no question, leave the boss's office saying "I'll do my best"


In the garden white chrysanthemums bloom dazzlingly, look for a proper word to be given to my friend who retires shortly


On breathing its last, what could be the final word given by the last one on earth of the Homo sapiens that came out with language a long time ago?


Spitting out a murmur, "No pension for us in future times," my young son has speeded up his car slightly


Wishing it in mind that he wouldn't join the group of losers, stand side by side with my son facing our garden in early spring


It looks my Swiss friend just retired starts visiting the cafe at the Hauptbahnhof every morning as many retirees do


Get on a wintry owl train being delighted at a business trip paying a visit to clients in the northern district


Lying down on the upper bunk of a sleeping carriage, enjoy having the restless sleep on an owl train


Have just awoken feeling a slight chill at the head of my bed, it looks the owl train already entered the morning landscape of the northern district


Look from the train window at the snowy landscape of the northern country standing in line for the morning toilet crowded with passengers


Being relieved as the business meeting has gone on halfway without difficulty, look at the window where incessant snowfall is seen


Used to run down the stairs two at one time to the station platform to take the right morning train, my first youth rolled away


From what time? It became routine with me waiting peacefully for the right train minimum five minutes before its arrival at the station


Our old cat still has its place today on the sunshiny verandah without falling into disfavor in the house


Feel at peace in a bus where people are all talking in a broad northern dialect


Farming people in the village are gathering for the wedding at a hotel in the center of the city, the definite choice by the young couple


He will succeed eventually his father in the family farming, the bridegroom now smiles in the spotlight


The wedding banquets in the village used to continue day and night, today, desert has been already served here


Having time on our hands after the happy event back home, move into a spa town to relieve our tired bodies


Standing on the Arakawa bank in the lingering evening glow, recite loudly the memory verses of the Mokichi anthology without hesitation


A quite long cargo boat has gone past and, for the time being, the waves roll in close to my feet by the side of the Thames


The lockage has been filled with water and our boat is now at the upstream's level with its flag shaken with the wind of the Rhein


While there were teachers often getting their monkey up, we were obedient and long-suffering students in the wartime classroom


Though living myself in abject poverty, still had compassion for my friend shacking up with the postwar returnees in the shelters


Making it a principle to become able to contribute to the family income, spend every day in school as if it were my last


The wartime and postwar stories about the feeling of hunger no more touch the hearts of the young people today


To the four-year-old grandchild rising up day by day, start talking about my past touching the wartime experiences


Sitting by the window of a returning train from my business trip, stare upstream into the darkness in the sky over the Fujigawa river


Pick up the tourist information of southern France being blocked my way home at the station because of a shower


Still hit by a water drop from a tall camphor tree, from one of its high treetops, half an hour after the rain stopped


Being tired of making waves any longer, sit it out my wife keeps trying on for size


Start dozing in the commuter train blessing my luck this morning getting a seat where the heating is working well


With a lovely knapsack, red or yellow, on their back, girls are talking about the chill just returned


Almost before realizing the wind has changed to the south, started walking with my back straight


Pulling off my gloves, insert seven silver coins in the talking ticket-vending machine one after another


The aloes-wood with its withering half still occupies a small part of my garden in the full of spring


Buzzing carpenter bees are already nearing to the flower of hydrangea still wet with the rain while ago


Being by below the window dangling a few clusters of the wisteria flowers, no piano is heard today


Since when has the cymbidium been put in the vase in my den? Now, I'm listening to Tchaikowsky's suite "Shchelkunchik"


As the white kerria blossoms in my back yard, the bulbul keeps warbling comfortably in a ray of sunlight


Under the cherry trees in full bloom, a black cat walks beside me for the time being


Going along the cherry lane where leaves have already come out, feel a sense of security in the shadowy atmosphere


With a look of delight on her face, my wife says the orchid has bloomed this morning


Seeing through the window the young maple leaves swaying irregularly in the breeze, think of my unwed son


Looking for a fragile affection, the young girls keep writing messages on the mobile screen that are hastily flying away


Couldn't get the most out of the day, as I flung an unregulated message off at the meeting with young people


Though he says he's proud of his country having not launched a war during the past sixty years, the lawmaker implies he sees his way to have one


The old is told by the young, now we need to be rational, make our country average that wouldn't shrink from a war


Who's responsible for the lost war? The country has never answered even though it's a sixty-year-old event


Is it only a patriotic fervor to take up arms? Why people are defamed as jellybean if they keep loving the natural surroundings back home?


The baby has become a crawler just today, having been born in the country that has a 700 trillion yen debt or more


Maidens of today heading down to the old town, the legendary Mannyo's home, are all walking putting up a mobile phone


As even a woman tries to justify Pacific War for Japan, my antiwar wordings couldn't be touched any longer among young people


Check in at the hotel facing Windsor Castle, with it as my base during the next several weeks for a business course


The first day at the hotel in Windsor, study those management course materials through the livelong night


As entering the ivy-covered school building, welcomed by those lecturers standing in a row, guys were all high in stature


As the course is halfway through, there come guys, one after another, dodging a lesson for the Wimbledon games or other events


On looking into Windsor Castle through the gate in the darkness of night, the sentry quickly nears and asks, "Are you Japanese?"


The pleasure boat goes slowly down the Thames of summer solstice carrying people on deck enjoying a dancing evening


Have another cup of hot tea, watching the hour-by-hour unacceptable reports of the election returns on the television


For delicacies at Kifune in late summer, pick up the meat of pike eel with chopsticks being resonated by sound of the waterfall


There's a batch of climbers quietly advancing into the oppressive heat and smell of deep grass on the afternoon mountain trail


Soil is soft beside the mountain trail, there are blooming black lilies in the humid wind


Moving into the area of a steep stony slope of the mountain, my reliable big boots gain a firm foothold there step by step


The dense evening fog starts to wrap a number of tents erected on the field very close to the summit


It was short-lived sound of raindrops that had hit our tents, now we see the sky full of stars at the midnight summit


Overwhelmed this way in the bosom of skyful of stars, drop off into restful sleep here at the summit


It's a foggy summer morning at the summit, climbers are all having a cup of hot coffee there


The summit has become no more visible on the downslope, take a rest dipping my bare feet in a small stream there


Having long lived for sixty years in the land with no war, now reward myself retiring for services at the office


It's four weeks now staying in Paris, and no special dishes invite me particularly this evening


Seventy years now having survived a chronic illness, next thing I knew, I already passed my father's age at death


Loading up my father's posthumous anthology in memory at the PC, carefully read these poems one after another


None of my father's poems that have Showa Era as their backdrop touches World War II, and nothing about love affairs either


Becoming able to understand letters and numbers day by day, the small child is now staring my poor book shelf


As many lilies bloom this year in our garden, we're renewing everyday the floral tribute at our family altar for Bon festival


Being apt to look up at the distant sky, take my daily walk as I've been long away from the active society


Another old-line store has been closed in the shopping street, walk listlessly as if I were to blame


There's a river to go over on the way of my daily walk, stand for a while in the middle of the bridge for another view


A train drives through the darkening field of Eulalia toward even0000ing, with the row of brightening windows on it above all


Hastily darkening straight road, my way home getting at the shining automat in the distance

(● 2006年 ●)


These days had no e-mail from you, though we'd started together learning the PC literacy, and now I hear of your death


Having remained single his entire life, he's now funeralized by his elder brother's family


When he came to know I, one of his contemporaries, had got promoted, he was quietly blowing cloud at his desk


Standing side by side with me on the deck of a tour boat cruising the Lake Suwa, you were making a boast of your native place


While we'd arrived at the seventy-year-old milestone together, you hastily passed away today as the fragrant olive starts to smell


Hearing of someone's death, my wife says to me, "You should live long enough to get your pension's worth"


 A postcard leaving my hand is flitting in the wind toward the withering chrysanthemum


Have a good stomach for the French loaf of my breakfast, and sparrows wait for the bread crumbs every morning


As if they were allowed by the leaving bulbuls, sparrows start pecking at the scattered bread crumbs in the garden


Today, have another mail telling another death, and still around becoming less attached to a weir


Have a mail telling the family is in mourning, but it's a good surprise for us that the decedent was a centenarian


Become making it a habit first to check the age at death printed in the year-end postcard telling the family is in mourning


It's a long time ago having kicked the trash can in my office occasionally, now no such an emotion rises to burn up my body


Afraid of getting separated, link arms with my wife, after a long time, to join the crowd heading for the Kobe Luminarie


Casting their eyes up, beaming people go through, one after another, the number of illuminated arches in Kobe


The illuminated panels surround people at the park piazza and bells never stop ringing for the repose of souls of the Kobe Earthquake victims


Many smiling innocent youngsters gather at the Kobe light festival, while the devastating quake is getting the thing of the past


Ten days since the year of the Dog has started, have breakfast together with my wife hearing music, Chopin's 6th waltz


Totally upset being told by the doctor that my wife has contracted progressive cancer, and have lost completely my cool


"Could I get over with surgery?" To the question of my wife, "Sure, you could," nod I and the doctor


"I wish I could come back," murmurs my wife going into hospital, looking back once again on the house she's lived long


The doctor tells us about his outlook for my wife's discharge as one month, without changing his hard look


Each time my wife meets a new nurse coming to take care of her, she talks about her anxiety having still an unmarried son


Looking at the face of my wife asking severely about her own illness, the kindhearted doctorine fumbles with words


Hang out the wash, my wife's laundry from hospital, dry her clothes in the spring sun carefully uncrumpling them


The family wonders why the surgery has ended so quickly, and now some are invited to the surgeon's room


Talking with my wife who pushes carefully the drip pole carriage, shuttle back and forth along the hospital's corridor


Walk at the heels of my wife, the lean figure just leaving hospital, letting me carry her heavy bags in both hands


Freeze in my steps in a big shopping mall wondering where is the strawberry that my sick wife wishes to eat


Admonished by my wife who's now in hospital, add a voluminous vegetable plate to my meal at home for this evening


Tut this morning, being chagrined at the milk bubbling over, furthermore, the toast is burning giving out smoke


Convey a slice of radish to my wife's mouth, the radish carefully boiled by me with soy and sugar for my wife in hospital


Replacing my wife who's now in hospital, it's become one of my weekly routines to clean all rooms in my house on Tuesday


The angry shout of my dad, igniting a temper tantrum as usual, heard always with fear seizing my mom's sleeve


My wife just came home from the hospital, now fixes her eyes on the withered gum tree having completely lost its leaves


Coming back from the entrance ceremony, the little child in the kindergarten uniform gives a V sign to its gramma being ill in bed


For a change of pace, took my sick wife out to a supermarket, and came home with apples and dried flukes


In a puff of air, the last flower now departs so quickly from the tree branch of cherry being already covered with green leaves


Young people are arguing about abolition of capital punishment in a car where the solstitial evening sun light streams


Every morning, leaving her sick husband and their child at home, the young mother was in a hurry to go to work at the arms factory


Daddies living in the same block have all started doing their national service, feel shame at mine still being sick at home


Although the war has ended, my mother still works at the armory, now to assemble weapons for the American forces


For forty years, supporting always her invalid husband, my mother, pasting a smile, was the breadwinner of our family


When I was tortured with asthma for several days, my mother used to came home from work with fresh sliced raw tunny


Sending her invalid husband to Tartarus, losing her children to their respective homes, my mother is now making haste to age


While, with my wife being ill in bed, can't help but walk always bending slightly forward, recover my senses by the voice of a melon vendor


While walking bending slightly forward along the road, a missionary suddenly stands in my way and says he would need my time


My wife shows a little sign of recovery from her illness, particularly today when the hydrangea blooms beautifully in our garden


Although I say, "No. 4 is the best among Tchaikovsky's symphonies, isn't it?", my wife is taking her tablets without making any comment


A bunch of roses having completely run dry is now disposed of together with the day's kitchen garbage


What were they talking about? There's a Buddhist monk sitting beside my father who is in his dying bed


As if they were living during the last wartime, the young members eloquently describe Hideki Tojo, the class-A war criminal


Draw a deep breath in face of those young members trying to take sides doggedly against me fueling controversy


Young people always conclude I'm one of the well-off retirees, while, bragging about my knowledge, I voice an objection to politics


Without hesitation at all, return like for like at the meeting, does this mean I'm still young?


On the screen where the World Cup soccer game is going, a telop runs saying that North Korea has just launched a missile


Dip out the pumpkin soup with a silver spoon, it's still not so long time ago that people were all feeling hunger


Among those talking about the home defense at the meeting, only one person who has learned first-hand a real war, that's me


My wife is doing the flowers with great finesse, and now, the African lily has its place on the dining table


My wife smiles at a dish of the fine noodle clumsily prepared by me while she suffers from hardship of chemotherapy after the surgery


Having an intermission in her chemotherapy, my wife is now pedaling a bicycle in the wind


Besides me sitting in a bench waiting for a checkup, there are seemingly powerful legs carrying nurses passing the time for chatting


It seems guys are still wearing the pants in their families, which has now become an insignificant subject for me though


The light of a full moon, carrying a little bit warmth, brightens the face of my sick wife


While she used to have a long fuse, my wife couldn't now endure the pain and asks me to call an ambulance


As everyone feared it to happen down the road, my wife has finally started feeling the cancer pain


Bearing up under the cancer pain, all of a sudden, my wife says to me she would like to meet her sister back home


In the hospital room, my wife is instructing our son to offer autumn flowers to the family altar at home


Without a word, keep her face firmly in mind, as my sick wife becomes tired of talking


Rake up fallen leaves in the garden as tomorrow is the day of garbage collection, this is the widower's lifestyle having never been thought of

(● 2007年 ●)


For a while, leaving my wife being near to death in the hospital, start in no time dozing in the barber's chair


From time to time, becoming unconscious, my sick wife still smilingly talks to me about the hiding places of her cheeseparing


"Gramma!" Despite the address of little kids, my wife gave no responses then they've become tired and now leave the hospital room


"I'm so sorry," that was the first word given by myself holding the hand of my wife who had already breathed her last


It's forty one years since my former wife was funeralised, now again, the harmonious pair is broken as the second one is gone


Toward evening at the gate of the crematory, it's myself who's holding his wife's funeral urn second time in his life


In a storm managing the funeral as the chief mourner, the expression of my grief looks as if it's a given performance


Her ashes stay in the backroom altar until the day they're placed in the family tomb, the candlelight keeps shaking my wife's portrait


Brushing against each other with many people still alive here and now, enter the road lined with ginkgo trees and carpeted with their fallen leaves


A man, who had lost his wife like myself, paid a call on me and left without any particular message jacking me up


Show the apple shaking it near to your facial portrait saying "That's it just sent from your birthplace this year."


The elderly are having a stroll along the walkway of the housing complex where they've lived for many years, all with a small dog at their heels


Watch a Korean teledrama alone while my wife, being easily moved to tears and also cheerful, is no more beside me


Totteringly come out of the bedroom, as every morning awaking there to have a gut feeling that my wife has already gone


As gradually getting used to a widower's lifestyle, today, drop in at the convenience store for a box lunch


Have a friendly feeling for the insurance solicitor in the doorway who says he himself had also to see his wife dying of cancer


After listening to the CD music "Thousand Winds", my heart has suddenly started to break loose


The camellia is putting out buds in the garden, think, today too, I'll live a life keeping my regular hours


Look for some good news on the Internet to encourage my wife being depressed knowing she's got cancer


During the last four seasons passing for my sick wife, she once showed some signs that she'd been recovering


Angels couldn't dance on pinheads, my wife burned out her life that had been numbered by the doctor


Here's now my widower's lifestyle starting, buy the cooked mackerel without much attention in a supermarket


Have enjoyed taking peaceful breakfast together with my wife for ten years since my retirement


Being now a widower, I'm eating as much vegetables as possible since this was recommended repeatedly by my sick wife


Taking enough time for my breakfast and doing the dishes, will start the widower's daily routine for today


"Live the remaining live of your deceased wife," says the tree doctor working on a height to pollard the tall pine


As my wife left me alone, stand purposelessly in our garden and see the bamboo fence starting to fall into decay


A widower has still the daily routine, will rake up fallen leaves in the garden as tomorrow is the garbage collection day


Along toward evening, I wash 2kg of rice, still recollecting the master touch of my deceased wife


Having nothing meaningful to live without my wife, just overhear people are talking about where to go on a cherry viewing picnic


Still leaving many popular spots where we'd planned to enjoy together looking at cherry flowers, my wife was taken alone from me


My wife and I, each carrying a seasonal rice cake, shared the time together under the full-blown cherry trees


On the way home leaving hospital, my wife was looking at cherry flowers from the car window, murmuring about the next spring not anymore for herself


Today, it's exactly three months since my wife passed away, first thing I know is that the vision in my right eye has become poor


The doctor explains matter-of-factly about the horrifying op, making an incision in one of my eyeballs


Today, exactly six months after my wife's death, I'm dead set on the surgical table to remove a cataract


Now, as an acrylic lens is being inserted into one of my eyeballs, clench my fists on the surgical table


As the surgeon is asking nurses to call the next patient, it looks my operation is already halfway through


There's no more my wife waiting for me released from the surgery, although my boys and grandbabies stand together, all smiling


Now on the turns of a duty cleaner in the community, becoming the man who's waiting for the garbage truck twice a week


The fickle little child puts a centipede on the table and is never tired of watching it


You'll read the face of others to mingle in the society, you shouldn't keep an eye on the screen of a mobile


Since almost all people have a mobile in this land, they'll eventually get their call-up on the screen


Had no telephone installed at home in those days, was in a hurry meeting my family carrying the letter of acceptance with me


In autumn that year, my home could get a phone line, heard over it the mother's voice telling my father was taking a critical turn


An old, black rotary phone still works in my house and draws visitors' cheer for the Showa sound whenever it starts ringing


Already, it's a long time ago my mother passed away without knowing she could receive pension benefits as she'd worked in an armory in wartime


In those days, almost all houses had some elderly family members, and in summer, they grew the morning glory and sprinkled with water


Every day along toward evening, the little boy was waiting at the gateway for its mamma getting home from work at the armory


Although my mother had been taking enough care of her sick husband and little kids, she was not always happy in the evening of her life


My wife used to enjoy the fortunetelling in the newspaper, where she even tested my dead mother's, and now, my wife herself has gone


A pencil, when it writes the letter string of HIROSHIMA, talks enough about what's humankind


Choose a mint lantern for my deceased wife for her first Bon Festival, who'd often murmured "It's a pain of living!"


Though having acted up to my wife's instructions all along the line, it's myself now to initiate periodical memorial services for her


On visiting my house, where their gramma has already departed, the little children say to their mom "Let's leave here!"


Sinking in the grass in our garden, still hear my wife breathe hard weeding behind my back


This weekend, typhoon and earthquake hit us, I'd have things to talk about with my wife, if she were still alive


As our little kid insists on getting on a Type 500 bullet train, all our family members wait for it coming into the station


The dog and its master are both a bit fat, the evening bells are ringing while they go along the street


To decorate the altar of the first Bon festival for my deceased wife, select flowers relying on a shopgirl


Set up the family altar of the first Bon festival for my deceased wife, while she used to do it for many years in the past


There are presented sacrifices at the altar of the first Bon festival for my deceased wife, one for which she had a good stomach, another I have my own


My kith and kin, getting together at the altar of the first Bon festival for my deceased wife, refer no more to her name in their topics


Clearing up the altar of the first Bon festival for my deceased wife, head for a walk as usual bathing in the afternoon sun


The man is weeding his garden being impregnated with autumn breeze, showing no signs of a cynic he used to be called


While lights are switched on, there's no sound of voices in the widower's house surrounded by singing insects


Expose my palm in a flood of moonlight, as if it were confirming raindrops in the fine rain


As the first anniversary of my wife's death nears, call one after another on the phone to prepare for the ceremony all by myself


Having our family temple back of beyond, could get a chance to take the most modern express train


Feeling a certain sense of accomplishment, people of the affinity group dressed in mourning are bidding each other farewell


The summer has passed at last, clean plates and utensils by autumnal lamplight in dishwater that gets cold now


As the first winter storm blows, the kapok tree is invited into my room from the verandah

(● 2008年 ●)


While the firm name has changed many times, the memorial tree, white Camelia sasanqua, is still left there


Excited in our twosome travel, my wife shook me by the shoulders each time she saw something from the train window


Now visit the family temple in the rain, bringing all the clan along, all created by two of us, the deceased wife and myself


During dinner get-together after the memorial service, the brother of my deceased wife talks about the year's rich harvest at home


It's my fault really to have weeded our garden completely last summer, there's no cosmos flowers blooming this fall


A widower works on veranda, he's hanging out washing high up in the autumnal sky


With his body thrust outward, the seventy two-year-old boy cleaning the window is hit by a gust of cold wind


With the torn cover of my futon, still unrepaired, the second spring has now come to me as a widower


It's birthday, my wife, who used to congratulate me on it, has passed away, fiddle alone with an orange on my lap


Have no sense of reality at the verandah on a warm autumn day, exceeding already my father's age at death by five years


Start fixing a meal for the evening as usual while statistics tells seven years left for my life


A classmate, in a seminar on theory of elementary particles, has just passed away after celebrating his seventieth birthday


Walking in the withered field, once again, wish my son good luck as he still stays a bachelor


Easily egged on to shout in a demonstration, still the inexhaustible self-supporting student, it was myself


Displaying contempt, the professor gives a smile to those several students who preferred the class to a demonstration


Although once absorbed in joining student demonstrations, now heatedly cross swords with the company's union leaders


During thirty five years waiting for execution in jail, he's come out with two copies of his anthology


While my thirty-five-year business life was running, he'd been writing poetry in jail waiting for execution


Wait alone for death to come after my wife, that reminds me of the loneliness of a prison bird waiting for execution


Feel gradually ridding the body of my cold, and linger on the shining leaves fallen from ginkgo trees


The sun goes behind a scattered cloud and looks pushing us to stop shooting the breeze in the corner of the garden


Arriving at the age bracket people tend to lose their acquaintances one after another, have lost my wife at first


Being alive, but nearly not alive in the society, now all about my immature creation, this short form of poetry


As the daily rhythm of widowerhood has settled, on hearing the time tone, start preparing boiled rice with tea, my noon meal


Spring has come back while going about my day business safe and sound, say, the rest of my life, or life in a rut


It's nice to talk about politics with young people in the evening, having good circulation throughout my body


A long cargo boat goes down the Rhein along the stone wall of a cloud-capped cathedral


As an arriving train comes to a complete stop, the snow outstands with its falling lines against the dark brown carbody


It's my homeward walk along the quiet snow road, for my snow boots, after an absence of eleven years


The snow on the roof turns out the pattering sound of drops, and awake as if being in my old lovely room back home


My deceased wife could walk briskly on a snow road and, each time, prided herself being born in the northland


Stooping to walk on the snow-covered road, see a vision of my deceased wife five meters ahead


The table clock came hone alone from the hospital and keeps ticking three years since then


Only retired men look after children these days at school crossings, the lollipop women are not seen in the street any longer


Preparing two pieces of toast sandwiching sliced cheese, the widower starts the day with no special task


Just letting it pass, yen appreciation or stock price crash, live rest of life independently of the active society


Slowly regaining strength in my slim figure, still wakening, open the shutters and see spring rain falling


Still have a dream to be recruited in the active society, go to fish in the river every day following the old episode of Ryosho


With the face reflecting the flare of candle, the little boy reports of his finishing kindergarten to my wife in the altar


Bringing associated goners to mind one after another, stand on a train traveling Vernal Equinox Day


The English-speaking man still appears in a dream, that's myself having worked at a foreign affiliate for more than thirty years


Carrying unfamiliar vegies and fruits, the morning market on foreign soil looks lively


Entering deep into the clump of trees in a park by the Rhein, perch alone on a rock


Staying now for three month on foreign soil, go on a drive to Alsace-Lorraine in early summer choosing my local company


Although wished to visit again these lovely spots someday with my wife, she's meantime hastened to end her life


Still some people seem to live here deep in the mountains, a boy's running down the hill carrying a bookbag on his back


Heading away for a branch school, the little boy is dashing down the slope along the sound of a mountain stream


Called as "EAST", the country home, the birthplace of my wife, now gets the better-most morning sunshine in the village


Following deep a mountain path for another couple of miles, come in sight of another village and hear cows bellowing


On a big quake, it's predicted, there'll be forty-thousand death toll in Osaka that, I've lived long out there


Weeding my garden this morning, have supper with my smelly fingertips still carrying the fragrance of Doku-dami


Near the verandah, the hydrangea gets soaked by the rain, while the case of random killing comes from a radio


Being an audio nut, loved Akihabara, as a friendly town, however, it's now become a red-wat spot


A geekhead, me too in those days, often visiting Akihabara to get some radio parts released by the occupation army


Now, Chopin comes from the radio just assembled by myself, giving a cultured atmosphere to the poor family


Akihabara, a spot always showing something modern, lets my legs do the leading from time to time


This old handmade radio initiated my taste for classical music, and still hard to be thrown away


Listening to a Bach piece sitting on a sofa in the living room, a sight dreamt of in the tenement house


The neighborhood bulletin reports there has been a lonely funeral held only by the family members


However hesitated for a while, my wife and kids are already mixed with those in swimsuit on the beach


A sudden big wave hit me bathing in the sea, brought me down into the bottom and let me hear the sound of lively beach


Right beside me stretching out on the beach, the young, active and beefish legs playing beach volleyball often threaten me


A backwash takes away the sand in the sea, making the bottoms of my feet feel ticklish: It's A-bomb memorial today


"Pushing out to sea," those young soldiers sang the army song to die, being aimed at by us little evacuees back home


There's a group of people at Yasukuni Shrine memorializing Hideki Tojo, the one said to have insisted a homeland battle to the finish


If the war didn't end, we, the little evacuees, would have eventually died somewhere over hill and dale as bushwhackers


The man is said to have concluded the reason of the lost battle as peoples' having little guts; how he who started the war could say it


We subteen evacuees were trained and brainwashed day after day to become a soldier to save the country


Most seen in the society are of the postwar generation and they often ignore me, a wartime survivor, repeatedly crying against war


Eyes hanging on to a strap occasionally look down at the manicured fingertips of the lady's hands set on her crossed legs


Eulalia said to have its language of flower as ENERGY shines in the sun, while another admin throw-out takes place in this country


A single diesel engine vehicle runs at a crawl with its shadow stretching way back over the zebra-grass field


Tonight, hear people's footsteps passing my house, they are clear and clip-clop in the radiance of a full moon


While the same moon must have shone in the era of Manyo, tonight, I'm fully immersed alone in that moonlight


Listening alone to a typhoon warning on the radio, next thing I know, the voice of a cricket in the kitchen where my wife has left


Getting things done one after another, this year again, see the maple tree in the garden turning out a deadwood




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